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There will be some time you want to let music heal your soul and Pop music would definitely be your best friend at that time. Lady Gaga, a Pop Star, with her greatest songs, is now becoming one of the most famous singers in the world. Apostore, in this post, is so excited about providing you with the most noticeable moments of Lady Gaga's cover look in some of her videos behind the scenes.

Lady Gaga behind the scenes of "Shallow"

By the time Hollywood is selecting the merits of the “Green Book” as this year’s best picture for the winner of Oscar, the rest of America supposes that the wonderful Sunday night with the appearance of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is such a great night. In the midway through the Academy Awards, they performed the song “Shallow” (A Star Is Born). The song was considered to be perfect and this explained why that night was regarded as one of the night’s most buzzed-about highlights.

At that time, nobody could know exactly what it was going to be in the show. No one could predict what is next. Things became too different when the fact is that it came right out of a speech with a big surprise. Imagine it, if you had chance to take part in this wonderful show and you were in the house, you now cannot see that Lady Gaga and Bradley were sitting in their seats. Why? The interesting thing you found out here is that they were actually going from their seats to stage up there. It was such a memorable moment. Clearly, we can feel the melodies of the song – the melodies of energy, of sweet things.

Lady Gaga cover look behind the scene of “Born This Way”

The very special thing we can discover here is Lady Gaga’s cover look behind the scenes of her famous song “Born This Way”. According to the Billboard cover, Lady Gaga has ever got personal about saving her troubled teen. She frankly shared that she had suffered through depression and anxiety her whole life.

We can see that, besides her successful career as a singer, Lady Gaga also succeeds in doing charity and supporting for LGBT community.

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A gay Lady Gaga fan from New York State, Jamey Rodemeyer, has affected Lady Gaga much. Some kids like Jamey has moved Lady Gaga to establish her great song Born This Way’s foundation. This is a nonprofit which shows much of Lady Gaga’s determination to show disenfranchised teens that they are not alone. In reality, the pop star also herself had to struggle with both depression and anxiety.

Many people wondered how Lady Gaga could overcome all the depression and anxiety in her life. Our singer shared that by the time she was preparing for this song, she felt that she had to do something which can help remind kids that they are never alone.

Lady Gaga will not be the same after “A Star Is Born”

This seems quite easy for us to understand. Every actor, actress or singer, all of them, however successful they are in their role, still want to be themselves in their daily life. This is exactly similar to Lady Gaga in this situation. Although “A Star is Born” has been far too famous, our Pop Star still cannot shake her character here. In fact, she does not want to be like that. Lady Gaga, one more time, shared with us her emotions. She feels Ally inside of her and day by day, she wonders how long that role will stay, or if she will be in there forever. We see this is never a good thing that Lady Gaga is expecting.

There are many different moments that you can discover in Lady Gaga cover look behind the scenes. Are you attracted by the beautiful pictures extracted from many different videos? We find out that all the moments are so impressive and glamorous.

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