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People often think of hair extensions when they want to have a new hairstyle or just to enhance their hair condition. However, they might forget that there is another way to change your hair look completely, which is using a wig. To make wigs, you need to have a lace closure to fulfill the front part of it. You might know about the wig, but have no clues about lace closure, right? So today, let’s talk about it!

What is lace closure?

lace closure

Lace closure

It is the hair that has been sewn into the lace, by hands or machines, used to make a cover up the front part of your head. It has a size of 4x4 inches or 4.5x5.5 inches and depends on the demand of customers that we can adjust the size a little bit.

Lace closure is just like any other type of hair product in APOHAIR. It is made of 100% Vietnam remy hair which has nothing to do with chemicals or synthetic hair. Just so you know, remy hair is the type of hair that has all cuticle remained and same-direction hair strands. It is well-known for some characteristics such as smooth, tangle-free, stylable and long-lasting.

lace closure

Lace closure

Most of our products are sold for international markets, especially North America, Europe, Latin America and so on. Due to the diversity of customer’s demand that we create plenty of colors and textures for closure. In terms of color, you can consider some group shade such as black, dark brown, light brown, blonde and cold color. Most of the time, western women tend to choose blonde hair while black and dark color hair is the choice of African women. Believe it or not, each shade will give you a different style and make you beautiful in your own way.

How to differentiate between lace closure and lace frontal?

lace frontal and lace closure

Lace frontal and lace closure

A lot of people cannot distinguish between lace closure and lace frontal when they shop the hair products for the first time. That is because these two types of hair have quite similar structures. You can understand basically that the frontal is larger than closure. Plus, frontal tends to have a size 13x4 inches while lace closure gets the basic size of 4x4 and 4.5x5.5 inches. 

lace frontal

Lace frontal 

In Apostore's stock, we have various types of lace closure and lace frontal hair products that are made in different colors, length and textures. If you are trying to find a hair supplier to trust in, just choose us. We provide only human hair for any type of hair extension in our collection. Apostore is looking forward to being your best partner in the way to conquer the best appearance.