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If this is the first time you want to try on a very new hair color, then we think that our post may bring you some benefits. This post provides you with some basic options for a new change of your hairstyle through the change of hair color. There are 4 main hair dyes that we would like to suggest you. So what are they?

The first choice for you is bleach and highlight. This is one of the most popular hair dye method that most of the young choose these recent years. It makes you become more outstanding. What you can easily see in a bleach and highlight hair dye is a yellow tint because oxidizing agents facilitate flattering the hair coat and let keratin.

In case you have applied a highlight before, you can choose other replacements. For example, you can decide to put semi permanent hair color over highlights. Semi permanent hair color is sometimes called temporary hair color. Even when you are a new comer, this hair color still brings you a much more natural look. Also, it is easy for user. That is the reason why it is widely applied by lots of people in the hair market today. In this option, peroxide is not included. It will not help to lift the hair, making the hair darker, not lighter.

One more selection for you is demi permanent hair color, which includes a low quantity of peroxide. This means it can make strands slightly lighter.

Another choice is permanent hair color. This is not a popular hair color because it is quite complicated. This method of coloring hair is not highly recommended because of the high quantity of necessary chemicals. These chemical can cause some unwanted damages to your hair.

They are 4 options for you when you like having your hair dyed. Depending on your own preference, you can choose any method that you like. We always hope to see you in your new change of your appearance.

APOHAIR is always there to help you in case you need more advice.