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Being known as a talented singer, Avril Lavigne not only steals fans' hearts because of her beautiful voice, but also her charismatic appearance. So, have you ever been curious about what this beautiful girl would look like without makeup? Some pictures below may let you discover all.

Her charming eyes

If you are a big fan of Avril Lavigne, you can certainly realize your idol with her heavy black eye makeup. This makeup method has created her own style. She becomes more and more attractive in front of many people. However, this does not mean she can lose her beauty without makeup. Even when there is no makeup, Avril Lavigne still shows a wonderful appearance with a true beauty of her pretty peepers and pearly whites.

Keep herself natural

Not only one time does Avril decide to shed off all her heavy makeup. So many times in the daily life, she wants to be in her own natural beauty. She is still beautiful and standing out like the way she is in her music videos. But the special thing is, she looks younger and more active. Without makeup, Avril finds more confident with her natural beauty.

Casual dress

Not fussy, not luxurious, Avril experiences her daily life with simple things, including casual clothes which makes her really comfortable. Putting on a hoodie, Avril seemed quite busy. Although it is difficult to look at her face in the clearest way, we can easily find out that she gets no makeup. In this picture, the girl looks quite mesmerizing.

Another different look of Avril without makeup is when she goes on the street with her natural self, flaunting her flawless skin. Even without makep, her skin is still really beautiful and attractive.


No makeup, Avril draws anyone’s attention with her sweet appearance. Here, you can see, in a casual dress, she is bright. This is an image that you can find a lot in Avril’ life when she takes no performance in the stage. Her gentle smile makes all the other things become so peaceful. That is one more time expressing Avril’ natural beauty without make up.

What differences do you realize in Avril when she puts on no makeup? In reality, makeup does not belongs to her problems. Without make up, our gorgeous singer is always shining in her own way.