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When our idols become more and more famous, we are likely to be more interested in their daily lives. Are you curious to explore what will the celebrities look like if they put on casual clothes or even no makeup? Read the story of Jennifer Lopez without makeup here and in some ways, you may definitely find out the truth in our stars’ appearance when they choose no makeup as something so normal.

Something about Jennifer Lopez

Hearing about Jennifer Lopez, we never forget an actress who has got lots of achievements in her career. For the first leading role in the 1997 Selena biopic of the same name, Lopez excellently received a Golden Globe nomination and became the first Latin actress who earned over US$1 million for a film. Also, she kept on trying and making the greatest efforts.

With her outstanding performance in two famous films Anaconda (1997) and Out of Sight (1998), our talented star quickly established herself as the highest-paid Latin actress in Hollywood. What is more wonderful is when we know that not only is she a prominent actress, she is also well-known as a singer, dancer and producer. For all the best things she has done, Lopez is regarded as the most influential Latin performer in the United States. Especially, in 2012, Forbes ranked her as the most powerful celebrity as well as the 38th most powerful woman in the world.

The beauty of Jennifer Lopez

The time when Jennifer reaches to her greatest position coincides with the moments when she is really beautiful and confident. Her charming eyes and attractive face always draw much of the audience’s attention. Our star always knows how to keep herself young and we are usually amazed at the beauty of a 30-year-old girl even when she is now at the age of 50.


Jennifer Lopez puts on no makeup

The sweet beauty of Jennifer in the stage or red carpet has made us more curious about her image in daily life, the image without makeup or formal clothing. Let’s discover all the secrets about our actress through these special pictures.

Cute little bun for winter

This is when Jennifer went out just with a furry winter jacket and a cute little bun. We can easily realize that she decided to have no traces of makeup on her face. Her cute bun hairstyle emphasizes her young appearance and therefore, it makes her more and more lovely. Jennifer chose a simple and elegant style for a winter day. Without makeup, the actress still knows how to get any look and the fact is that she does not any help from cosmetics here.

Casual clothing

Like many other people, celebrities also love going shopping. This is the way that lots of people, especially women, choose to relax after their busy working days. And while many girls try to put on the best style, Jennifer becomes so different from a simple style. Not classy and formal clothes, no dress, casual clothes are what our star gets to go shopping. Jennifer steals the looks just with her fair skin complexion. In addition, the ripped jeans and adorable top look so perfect on her when she sports the trendy tucked in the T-shirt look.

Time for vacation

Jennifer Lopez without makeup

Here comes the picture we get in Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram where she was wearing no makeup. Her natural and attractive beauty came out of the phone screens of all the viewers. No makeup, it is not her problem. Lopez still looked quite calm in the picture where she was lying around in her beach chair.

Raw and real look

Her smiling face in this picture succeeded in making our heart melts. Here, Jennifer Lopez has shown us her love for fringe cut hairstyles. Therefore, she looks so simple and so adorable. Especially, the bangs cover her forehead and leave the rest of her face for having a great no-makeup facial impact on all of us. Her natural look has made her much more prominent than ever.

After and before makeup

You see, whether there is no makeup, our star still shines in the most outstanding way. While she looked stunning and regal in the makeup appearance, she surprisingly looked glamorous without makeup. What is special here is that her radiant skin is like a clean canvas to work on.

What do you think of those pictures? We believe that it will not be too amazing for you when seeing the different looks of Jennifer. Makeup or not, this problem cannot affect our actress’s appearance. Under any circumstance, Jennifer is always beautiful when she can comfortably choose to be herself. Let’s once try on putting no makeup and find out your own feeling and then, if possible, share us. Apohair is looking forward to being with you on the way to exploring your perfect beauty.