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Through a long period of development, Apohair is so happy to become a companion of many customers around the world. We are now one of the leading hair companies in the field of exporting hair to the international market. Today, be with us and you will know why we are on the way to become one of the biggest hair suppliers in Vietnam.

A hair supplier with 100% Vietnamese human hair

Many customers like using Apohair products because all the hairs we produced are from 100% Vietnamese human hair. In our factory, we have a large number of employees who take the responsibility of collecting hair. The hair is collected from Vietnamese women who have long, black and strong hair.

Applying Apohair’s products, you will certainly feel like it is your real hair. We always want to ensure that we are always ready to bring you the most natural hair, which makes you be more confident in your daily life. Also, there is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in any hair products.

A hair supplier with many types of hairstyles

When you come to choose Apohair as your reliable hair company, you will find out that we have lots of hairstyles for any of your demands for a new hair change.

It can be hair extensions with many different types such as: clip in hair extensions, tape hair extensions, weft hair extensions and tip hair extensions. Besides, we have lace closure, lace frontal and lace wigs hair. Bulk hair is another option for you.

About hair textures for each hairstyle, we have straight hair, curly hair and wavy hair. There are many specific textures for you such as: kinky straight, yaki straight, natural wavy, deep wavy, deep curly, loose curly, romantic curly.

A hair company with lots of hair colors.

You do not have to worry that there is not enough hair color for you because Apohair’s products are hair which is attached with many specific hair colors. It can be black hair, a very traditional hair color. It can also be dark brown, light brown or blonde hair.

In terms of hair lengths, there are short hair, medium hair and long hair. The hair lengths are mainly from 6 inches to 32 inches.

Actually, it is so easy to use hairstyles from Apohair. We always design hair products which is easiest for users to use. The process takes a quite short time. Therefore, it helps you save much of your time for other activities. Our customers are women, retailers and wholesalers coming from lots of nations around the world. 

If you feel that all we have said above is too difficult to believe, please do not hesitate to come with us. We are always here and ready to provide you the hair with the best quality. Working as an experienced hair company, Apohair really want to bring best things to all of our beloved customers.