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Born in 1990, Amethyst Amelia Kelly, as known as Iggy Azalea, is a well-known rapper from Australia. In fact, the one and only Iggy Azalea is known to be one of the most famous rappers in the industry, she is so young, yet her talent is unbelievable. However, Iggy Azalea is not only known for her incredible talent but also for her sexy appearance. In this post, we would like to share some of the most iconic moments where Iggy Azalea goes with a no-makeup look.

Alike many other girls, Iggy Azalea looks almost unrecognizable without makeup. Without the help of cosmetic, she looks a little bit pale and exhausted, but she still looks allure enough to leaves the audiences in awe.  In fact, she has always shown her smart decision-making ability regarding her off-screen appearance where she sported her minimum makeup face every now and then.


The 1990 born star actually looks a lot younger and innocent to us when she ditches her colorful lipstick for a fresh-faced look. She looks just like a typical young woman wandering around the street of Los Angeles. And even with no sign of makeup, she still looks completely amazing. We believe her beautiful face and figure would be more than enough to catch everyone’ attention.


Spotted with her signature blonde, the rapper looks as gorgeous as ever with her no makeup face. Her fair skin and her silky blonde hair complement each other very well. With her hair pulled back into a low ponytail and her eyes covered with sunglasses, Iggy Azalea looks like a real queen as she walks down from the car.


Recently, Iggy Azalea featuring in a video of the famous beauty guru James Charles has got viral attention as she showed off her makeup-free look. ‘Iggy Azalea with no makeup’ became the most searched keywords for a while. Her no makeup face received a lot of conflicting views. Some believe she looks spectacular even without makeup, others claim that without eyeliners and lipsticks, she looks “more than a decade older than her age.”


Hats seem to be Iggy’s favorite item when she doesn’t feel like styling dressing up, and that is absolutely a brilliant choice. They are perfect for covering up uncombed hair, and they can make you look extremely stylish as well. We can see that she wears hats a lot, especially when showing up with her no-makeup face.


However, it’s not that her bare face is flawless at all, in fact, it is quite visible that her brows are too thin and not so defined. Apparently, she would definitely need a lot of help from the magic touch of the eyebrow pencil for fuller and better-shaped eyebrows.


You could never say no to Iggy Azalea’s styling urges as she’s always in style even if she put nothing on her face. This picture of her rocking her all-time hip hop vibes with an all-black set of clothes could possibly one of the best Iggy Azalea no makeup pictures we have ever seen.



It’s not rare that we see her out looking less than flawless since she keeps her face natural occasionally, but it’s no doubt that she loves her bare face and she is confident about it. The airport is where she displays her fresh face the most. We can easily capture a picture of Iggy Azalea with no makeup at the airport, and she would still slay it. Along with trendy clothing garments and of course, the no-makeup face, Iggy has totally rocked the look looking like a real model.


Iggy might look all glamorous and fancy with her full makeup, but we would absolutely prefer her intimate side with her no-makeup face. Her face gives off a friendly and innocent vibe that can immediately catch our attention.


Going through all the no-makeup looks of her, although received a lot of criticism, her without makeup is still superior to us as she always relegates to the simple yet chic. In this age of being extra with every aspect of your routine, there’re definitely things to say about Iggy Azalea being consistently low key without missing a beat. She is young, talented and beautiful, so instead of criticizing her, let’s take a moment appreciating her natural beauty. And let us know if you like Iggy Azalea with no makeup on the comment section below.