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Women like wearing human hair extensions because the texture blends well with their own hair and it lasts longer.

However, with the overwhelming amount of online stores selling human hair extensions, you may want to know that there are many types of human hair extension and not all are created equally. When it comes to hair extensions, there is a lot to learn. It is important to know that not all hair extensions are human hair, even when they claim to be.

What is human hair extensions?

Human hair extensions

Some online hair extension companies will mix animal hair or synthetic hair in what they call “human hair extensions” to save on costs, this hair tends to be sold for a cheaper amount and will usually fall apart within weeks of wear. High quality human hair is expensive and tends to last longer with proper care. Be sure to buy your human hair extension from a reputable company that sources hair ethically and has high quality hair.

What types of human hair extensions?

Now, assuming that you are getting human hair extensions, there are three types of human hair extensions to choose from.

Human hair extensions

Each level of hair does provide a different experience when wearing the extensions. There is a lot to learn when it comes to human hair extensions such as, virgin and remy hair are two different types of hair extensions.

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Virgin hair is the term used to refer to the hair which is taken from only one donor. It remains all the characteristics of real human hair, for example cuticle or same-direction strands. Besides, the hair also is kept all natural with the very unique color of it without coloring or bleaching.

Human hair extensions

For virgin hair, APOHAIR divides it into two types which are virgin hair equally cut in the top and virgin hair just washed and tied. Often, customers love virgin hair as they can make a great deal thing with it. You can totally style it whatever you want to do such as bleach, dye or curl.

Remy hair is the kind of human hair extensions that is taken from more than girl/ donor. It can be mix from many people with the same hair type and color. One important thing about remy hair is that it is arranged in the same direction, which makes it different from non-remy hair. This is also the reason why remy hair is so natural looking and smooth.

For those who are finding for their hair supplier in Vietnam, APOHAIR is highly recommended. You can choose any kinds of hair extensions that you want. Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more details.