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Textured waves have made a comeback lately on Instagram and are becoming a trend. That long, messy, tousled waves is perfect for a night out on the town, or whenever you need a hairstyle that's the perfect mixture of sexy, glamorous, and cool. We will introduce you step by step instructions to get this look.

Step 1: Wash your hair first. If your hair texture is naturally straight, you blow it dry as normal, then go to the step 2.

 If your hair is wavy or curly, we will guide you right below the way to blow dry your hair straight with a round brush to achieve a salon quality blow out.

When washing your hair, you should use alcohol and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Then apply a deep conditioning hair mask to your hair about 10 minutes, so that your hair can be re-nourished and become soft, silky and manageable to style (however, this step is optional).Once your hair has been washed, apply a thickening or volumizing spray to the roots of your hair and work the product in. This will allow the hair to lift at the roots and give you that professional quality look. Next, apply a leave in conditioner to the ends of your for that extra boost of moisture. 

Now, the trick to getting beautiful airy texture in your hair is to spray your hair with a texturizing spray before beginning to blow dry. Your hair will hold volume and texture with no sticky feeling once blow dried. Then, you blow dry your hair upside down. Once your hair is 70% dry, you will go to the “pull and roll” technique stage.

Start with your hairbrush at the root of your hair, and tightly work it into the hair. Then, as you blow dry, slowly pull your hair brush toward the end of your hair, following along with the hair dryer. Once you reach the end of your hair, roll the hair brush toward the root and pull toward the end of your hair again. Keep going with this technique until the section of hair is fully dry. When blow drying, be sure to point the nozzle of the hair dryer downward toward the ends of your hair. This will ensure that the hair dries smoothly and frizz-free. Continue blow drying the rest of your hair using the "pull and roll" technique with your round brush. Once you start on a new section of hair, be sure not to touch the previous section, and to let the style set.

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Once you've blow dried the front section of your hair, flip all your hair back and admire your beautiful, salon quality blowout! 

Step 2: Use a paddle brush to get rid of tangles.

Step 3: Clip in your hair extensions. The extensions can help you get extra volume, boost your playful waves.  

Step 4: Collect all the wefts into a mega weft. Separate another section of hair above your ears and clip the rest of your hair out of the way, then clip the mega weft onto your hair.

Step 5: Give your hair a quick brush and apply heat protectant spray. 

Step 6: The key to creating textured waves is to keep your curls looking just messy enough. You shouldn’t create too perfect curls, this will ruin the look. We recommend to use a curling wand with a 1 inch barrel size, it will help you to get defined, piecey curls. You shouldn’t use larger barrel curling wand, as your curls will becoming too big and bouncy.

Wrapping small sections of hair around the curling wand, leaving an inch or two of the end out. After release the hair from the wand, scrunch the curl in your hair.

If you want an even messier look, you can curl some pieces by wrapping them in the opposite direction than the rest of the hair.

Step 7: Wrap the section around the curling wand while curling pieces at the top of your head, then slowly slide the hair up and down the wand. This will make sure that the curl isn’t too defined at the root.

Step 8: Once you've curled all your hair, go ahead and spray some hair spray (it can be sea salt spray, or texturizing spray) to give the hair that extra grit and texture. Scrunch and tease the hair with your hands to get the curls all tousled and messy.

And voilà, super cool, textured waves appear in just a few minutes.

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