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We always dream of owning a natural straight weave hair but not everyone knows how to take care of that straight hair and make it beautiful and smooth, it is not easy. Someone even thinks that long straight and smooth hair will not need much care such as curly hair, wavy hair … but in fact, to make your natural straight weave soft and smooth, it needs careful and thorough. The article below Apostore will show you some tips for taking care of beautiful straight hair every day.

Should you wash your hair daily?

Many people are afraid that regular using a shampoo with its chemicals causes harm to your hair or your natural straight weave hair that is too clean to retain moisture. But remember, hair and body, always need to care and cleanse every day. It is very important that you choose a good shampoo that suits your hair. The higher quality of the shampoo, the greater it’s safety for your natural straight weave hair.

During shampooing, it is not necessary to groom your hair too much because this will make your hair broken and shed. You just need to use your hands to squeeze and wash gently to remove dirt clinging on your hair.

Using a conditioner for natural straight weave

We recommend using a conditioner every day to increase moisture and nutrients for natural straight weave hair. In particular, using a conditioner with the body and tail of hair will be the best option because these parts are usually subject to effects of chemicals, temperature from styling methods, bleaching, dyeing, so they are often tangled, damaged.

You should use 5-10 ml of conditioner every day depending on how thin or thick of your natural straight weave, apply the conditioner evenly from the body to the top of the hair and keep it for 1-2 minutes then wash with water.

Try following the instructions to make sure you get the best straight weave hair.

How to use a comb?

We suggest that you shouldn’t use arbitrary combs. A wide-toothed comb is ideal for you to use. Because when using a thick teeth comb, it will make friction and pull your hair, causing it to be damaged.

Keep in mind that you should not brush your hair when it’s wet because your hair is very weak. If you intentionally brush, it will make your hair break and tangle.

Don’t forget to regularly clean the comb to avoid the dirt sticking to the hair. If your comb is not clean, you will see dirt clinging to your hair after each brush.

Should we use hair drying?

Heat drying is harmful because the high temperature when drying will damage your natural straight weave. If possible you should use air drying methods. In case you have to dry fast, you should use some protective products to minimize the level of damage for the natural straight weave. When drying, remember to dry down in the direction from the hairline to hair ends hair and use hot and cold drying alternating

Add keratin to have smooth, strong, elastic hair.

Keratin is a major structural component of hair, it accounts for 70% of hair fiber structure and helps hair shine and resists the impact of the environment and external adverse conditions.

When putting into hair, Keratin works to fill the damage of hair (layers of protein in the hair core, peeling epidermis on the hair surface) rearranges damaged hair structure, makes your hair stronger. In the hair core, it helps increase elasticity and smoothness. Keep in mind that when using Keratin you will not use any other chemical on the hair at least 6 months later.

Above is all the sharing of Apostore to help you have a healthy, soft and shiny natural straight weave hair. All of our shares in this post not only applies to your straight hair but also to all texture of hair extensions. We have applied these way care on hair products and achieved successful results.

If you are interested in the article, please continue to follow and support us and the next our article for more beauty tips, news and how-to guides. Thank for reading!