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These days, the weather is getting cooler and cooler. It is high time for you to say goodbye the extremely hot days and welcome something more comfortable. Also, it’s exactly the time you guys found different ways that help you effectively take care of your hair in the atmosphere of the new season – autumn. Few people may think it seems like a total waste of time to update your hair care routine at the start of a new season but actually, it makes a massive difference. Why and how to switch up your hair routine for autumn, all will be revealed right from now.

In fact, it is easy to explain why we need to constantly change our habit of taking care of our hair in the autumn. Generally, in the colder months, your hair strands tend to get drier and are more prone to frizziness and damage. At this time, it is important for you to find and use the right hair products.

Up the moisture

It is clear that the change in temperature can seriously affect your hair. When the dryness of frizz-levels changes, hair color and hair texture would also be changed. The transition between summer and autumn requires the necessity to add a hair mask as well as switch up your shampoo and conditioner to switch up your hair routine for autumn.

The truth is dry air will more or less suck all the moisture out of your hair. To deal with this problem, you need to keep it as nourished as possible. One of the best ways we highly recommend here is using a leave conditioner which helps to prevent your hair from getting brittle. For a deep treatment, you can use a scalp oil to combat dry skin and flakes as often as you need to.

Change shampoo and conditioner

When it comes to fall, the essential thing is to switch out your summer products and try on new ones. It should be a good thing-to-do if you try to look out for some typical types of shampoos or conditioners which contain beneficial oils as they will really moisturize your hair. Nevertheless, you should also avoid using some ingredients such as sulfates and alcohol. Using these ingredients too much is harmful as they can dry out your strands more.

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Invest in a humidifier

Getting a humidifier is also an effective way to switch up your hair routine for autumn. In the colder months of autumn, a humidifier will help replace moisture lost in the air from central heating. It is supposed that the optimum humidity levels in a room are usually around 35% - 45%. However, if you have the heating on then they could drop as low as 10% and seriously zap the moisture out of your hair strands.

The ideal time to use the humidifier is in the evening or during the night.

Get a trim

Believe it, getting a trim is no doubt a good answer to the question “How to switch up your hair routine in autumn?” Taking a trim at the start of the new season will help you remove the damage and freshen up your cut, prevent split ends. Actually, it is advised that you should also get a trim every 2 to 3 months to keep your air looking its best style.

Bulk up your strands

As the autumn comes around, your hair will start to shed when you reach the end of the phrase. This explains why most people realize that their hair sheds more in autumn than in any other time of the year. Is there any solution for this situation?  Here, we suggest that you should pick up something to bulk your hair strands.

Among many ways to tie the hair, ponytail style is the one we choose to suggest to you. However, you should only wear your hair mostly down or softly pinned up. Don’t forget to take it out when you are about to go to bed.

Invest in new styling products

It is commonly known that using heat-activated tools can cause lots of damage, especially during the colder months. Here, we recommend that you should add a few protectant products such as spray, serum, mousse or cream. Remember to pick up the blow dryer or curling iron and then spritz a touch of protectant on your wet strands as it would help prevent breakage.

Try a bold new color

In order to mark a new season and here to switch up your hair routine for the autumn, you can also apply new hair color for your new hairstyle. We suggest that you should one time try on some outstanding colors such as red or blonde. What’s special here is that red color will remind us of those pretty leave in the autumn. Is that awesome?

Above is all which helps you answer the question” How to switch up your hair routine for autumn”? For Apostore’s hair extensions, we highly recommend that you should also apply those methods. Because all our hair extensions are human remy hair, similar ways can also be the best methods of your hair care routine, which promises to bring you wonderful autumn.