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There is one thing for sure that girls will never keep one hairstyle for a whole life, so changing hairstyle is quite familiar with girls. Moreover, changing hairstyle is the good way to figure out your new version of yourself. In the other hand, changing hairstyle is not really good for hair. It can cause some very serious damage for hair if you abuse hair chemical.

Don’t worry if you are getting bored of wavy hair and you want to change to straight or you just want to straighten your hair, this post today will reveal you some sleek solutions to do that without using heat. Stay tuned.

Be smart on choosing right shampoo and conditioner

This is the very first important thing you need to pay attention. Moisture is believed to be not good for your hair, so try to get away it before applying a smoothing cream. You can also use leave in conditioner instead. The next step is using smoothing serum or oil. You can freely choose kinds of oil you like ỏ you can choose depending on your type.

Using well-absorbent towel

Straightening hair requires a bit long hours to let your hair dry. The quicker you make your hair dry, the easier it is straight. We highly recommend you use an absorbent fabric like  Aquis. Its main function is get moisture out of the hair quickly and reduce the damage and frizz.

Using wet brush to comb until hair is dry

Our expert said that you should brush wet hair down and pull it tight with your hands for a couple of minutes until it is dry. This method will make the big effect on straighten hair. Remember this method needs patience, don’t be too rush or you will get hair loss right away.

Using Jumbo rollers

It is considered as the best way to straighten long hair. Now follow these steps closely to get hair straight. You should use 6 jumbo rollers and comb it up. Then wrap your hair flat against the roller. The last step is secure with a duckbill clip on each side. Your hair will be smooth soon.