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When we mention spring time, we think about the idea of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. Spring is also a time to wash away all your winter blues and most of us will set about clearing out our wardrobe, changing our house decoration, having new attitude towards new year. And there is no time like spring time to prepare your hair for a hot summer ahead. Here at APO Hair, we will guide you ways to spring clean your hair.

Scrub those brushes 

Hair brushes should be cleaned regularly because when you brush your hair, hair product build-up and bacteria will attach to your brush and the next time you brush, hair grease and dirt will go straight back into your freshly-washed hair. Therefore, we should tackle those hair brushes. You don’t need a fancy product to do this, just simply rinse your brush in the sink of warm water and wash with some cleansing shampoo, swirl around and leave out to air dry. And tadaa – super clean hair brushes are ready to use. Let’s use those clean brushes to work wonders for your hair.

Clean your hairdryer filter 

It’s super important to clean the filter on your hairdryer. A blocked filter can shorten the lifespan of your dryer and can also lead to over-heating and damage to the hair. On regular dryers, filters are usually located at the back and they can usually be twisted off and washed or brushed out. You should check the manufacturer's instructions and make sure to leave they completely dry before popping back on.

Change your pillowcase 

We all know that with silk pillowcases, the hair will be treated gently while we are sleeping, no more messy look when you wake up. But if you don’t want to choose this option, make sure you change your pillowcase as often as possiblebas grease and bacteria can transfer onto your hair leaving it greasy and dull.

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Have a clear-out 

For this section of the spring clean, you are going to have to be pretty ruthless. Trash anything that you think may have expired or anything which you have had for over 1-2 years that you just can’t let them go because you think you might need it. Keeping old and expired hair care products can be harmful to use in the long run as bacteria are collected inside your products (especially the ones that you keep in the shower) and it can be absorbed into your skin causing breakouts, rashes and even infections.

Sort your hair products

Not only clearing out all the unnecessary products, you should also sort out hair products. Try only displaying one of each product at a time and storing the rest in labelled boxes. This way is not only organized but also very effective. You will have to use each products, through that way, you can know more about the products and whether they are suitable for you so that you can make better decision next time.

Try a mask and shower cap 

We recommend you applying a good treatment mask once a week while you are in the shower. Pop on a shower cap over the top so that the heat and steam captured can make the treatment more intense. Leave it on for as long as possible.

Clean out your food cupboard 

The healthier you eat, the better our hair will look and feel. Your body will be provided the nutrients by the food you absorb. Try eating healthy food, adding in supplement that is good for your hair. Anyway, always check with a doctor or dietician first if you want a special treatment.


The coming of the spring also means you should have a spring vibe hair color. A super light wash of Cherry Blossom pink or peachy coral can give your skin a little warmth and if you are not sure about all over color go for some pastel face framing instead. Speak to your colorist about this ideal of spring’s pastel hues if you like.


If your hair is looking dry and lack-luster try a clear gloss treatment, sometimes known as a sparkling blow dry. A gloss will still require a patch test so make sure you book this in advance of your appointment.

New year new hair extensions

If you don’t want to risk you real hair, you can try to get some hair extensions sets. With hair extensions, you can dye, color or style them without being afraid of your hair. No matter how length your hair is, you can still experience many different hairstyles with the help of hair extensions. APO Hair – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand with a variety of high-quality extensions products in many types and length levels is a great tool to complete your hair beauty.