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You are fed up with your present short hairstyle? You realize that it too difficult to find a perfect solution? Here, we highly recommend that you should once try on ponytail hair extensions. You will certainly be addicted to it.

What is ponytail hair extensions?

Ponytail hair extensions refers to a type of hair styling tool which helps to make your hair become longer and thicker in the quickest way. There are many types of ponytail hair extensions for you to choose and this may make you a little bit confused. Whatever it is, ponytail is attractive and beautiful in any hairstyles it is applied in.

Steps to apply ponytail hair extensions

Here, we give you some small tips for your process of applying ponytail hair extensions on your short hair.

Step 1: Pony up your hair

It this first step, you need to tie all your hair up so that it is easy for the next steps. Here, it will be better if you could try to wear a twist braid if you find out that your hair is not too short. Make sure all your hair is tied and fixed in one place.

Step 2: Put the ponytail on

This is the main step for the application. When you place your hair into the ponytail, do not forget to change the height of it to discover whether it matches your desired end result or not. You will have to tuck the ends of your ponytail hair extensions underneath your elastic band.

Step 3: Suitably adjustment

It is important that the strap inside the ponytail extensions needs adjusting so that it fits securely around the thickness of your hair.

Step 4: Choose types of ponytail

Often, there are two options for you when choosing ponytail hair extensions as your main way to change a hairstyle. The first option is that the ponytail is quite short and sweet and the other is long and layered.

Think carefully before applying and then decide whether you want to wear your hair short and sweet, or long and layered. For the short and sweet look, the elastic loop needs hanging to your left.  If it is long and layered, turning the elastic loop to your right is the best option.

Step 5: Fix the ponytail

Slide the top comb into the ponytail base. Tuck your natural hair inside the hair piece. Finally, slide the bottom comb under your ponytail base to make it fixed. All brings you a perfect ponytail hair extensions.

With those basic steps, you’ve got a completely new hairstyle with ponytail hair extensions. In APOHAIR, we also provide a lot types of extensions for a ponytail hairstyle. For further information, contact us directly and we are always ready to help you.