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We all know Kim Kardashian is never the one who shies away from a new hair style. From glossy ebony waves to poker straight platinum hair, hardly any style is not suitable with her. Her images of sported sleek ballerina buns, wet-look curls and shoulder-skimming bobs appeared everywhere from London to Los Angeles. We hardly can choose what is her signature hairstyle but if you follow Kim Kardashian’s hairstyles as closely as we do then you will know that she has been wearing her hair in a perfect middle part and super sleek for the longest time. The hair style is so classic but when it comes to Kim, the hair style soon becomes more fashionable than ever. And no need hair stylists, APO Hair can show you the best way to nail this hairstyle.

Step 1: Find Your Perfect Parting

The feature of Kim’s hair style is that the two sides of her hair are really balanced, really middle-thing so it is very important that you can get a perfect centre parting. When you can find the middle of your face and part your hair, your hair will be super symmetrical and perfectly frame your feature. To find the right spot, draw a line with your finger from the centre of your nose up to your hairline. Then, use a comb that has pointy end to draw a straight line back towards the crown of your head.

Step 2: Blow Dry

After parting the centre of the hair, you will think it is time to straighten hair. Actually, blowing dry first is better as it will help to set your strands in position to give your lock way more staying power and loads of shine. To achieve a really glossy finish, you should use hairspray on your hair first to add as much shine as possible. We would recommend you choose hairspray that is humidity resistant and can help to hold your blow dry in place for days. Then, blowing dry your hair in sections from the nape of your neck using a round brush. Put the concentrator nozzle to your hair dryer so that you can blow dry down your hair and smooth the cuticle. With this method, it is obvious that you will obtain the silky smooth finish like Kim.

Step 3: Straighten Your Hair

Now, it is time for straightening to achieve the perfect look. It is best to work in small sections for this. Remember to use a comb in front of the straighteners to avoid any tangles. Plus, to volumize the body of your hair and to have a hairstyle that is alike with Kim’s most, use clip-in extensions. You can clip them in this stage of process so that you can straighten them along with your natural hair.

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Step 4: No Bend Hair Clips

If you have a cowlick or an uneven parting and are struggling to get it flat then no bend clips are born for you. Stylists usually use these flat hair clips to set the hairline in place for that super sleek look. When you have finished the straightening step, clip these no bend clips along your hairline so that the hair can cool in place. You can use as many as you like but try to get the first one as close to your parting as you can to avoid any bumps.

Step 5: Use A Smoothing Balm

Smoothing balms are so useful for sleek looks as they tame flyaways and help to add loads of shine. Smoothing balms can make your hair look really healthy without weighing it down. All you need to do is apply a pea sized amount onto your hands, work it together and then smooth it down the lengths of your hair.

Step 6: Toothbrush Hack

To tame any stubborn flyaways, use the toothbrush hack. This is actually the favorite part of Jen Atkin – Kim Kardashian’s hair stylists. All you need to do is spray your toothbrush with some hairspray and gently smooth it down your hair until all the lumps and bumps are gone. And you can get a perfect finish that will help you to nail the sleek look and will make a big difference.

Step 7: Use Root Touch Up Spray

The key feature of Kim Kardashian’s long sleek hair is it always looks super thick. You can totally fake it with some root touch up spray. First, take out your no bend clips. Then, apply the spray directly onto your parting to mimic the appearance of the thick hair. If you have thin hair then your parting will be way more visible so by spraying the root touch up spray directly onto your part it’ll help to make your hair look a lot thicker.

Step 8: If You’re Struggling

If you can’t get your parting right, pin the front sections behind your ears, so that they can be held in place instead of being left down.

And that’s how you get Kim Kardashian’s sleek, middle part hairstyle! Super easy right? And with your APO hair extensions it will be super long and thick too!