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How long have you last had this sleek, Rapunzel-like lock? What’s the longest hair you’ve ever had? Are you getting tired of your current short hair and are longing for a longer lock? Well, we’re here to get you both the good and bad news for you. The bad news is that, as much as we don’t want to crush your fantasy, hair won’t physically grow overnight – or even worse – months. This is when comes the good news. Be that as it may, there’re several tips on how to grow hair faster that you may want to follow.

#Tip 1: Cut Your Hair

When it comes to the question of how to grow hair faster, we’d probably get this answer of getting a haircut. This could sound bazaar to some of you, but cutting hair to make it longer is, in fact, an age-old beauty hack. The reason frequent trim is a must for your hair to grow is that it helps to get rid of the split-ends, which are likely to cause your hair to break farther up, keeping it from ever growing longer pass a certain point. Nonetheless, trimming hair to get longer hair has its own concept. Instead of having consistent trims, you should only take less than an inch off your hair every 10-12 weeks to avoid split ends coming back.

#Tip 2: Massage Your Scalp

Studies from the National Institutes of Health showed that those who spend at least 4 minutes per day to massage their scalps get thicker hair within 24 weeks. This might be because as we have our scalps massaged, we’re stimulating the circulation to hair follicles, which activates the anagen stage where hair starts growing longer. Yet, rubbing the scalp with your finger might result in a counter effect as it contributes to hair loss, so try to use a specialized massage device instead of using your fingers to prevent unwanted effects.

#Tip 3: Have an Appropriate Diet

It’s always been a question as we all want to know how to grow our hair faster. Try hard as you might, you may be committing some severe mistakes without even realizing them. One of these mistakes may be the way you consume your food. Great hair is reliant on the condition of your scalp, and the scalp condition depends on the food you take in. that’s why you should pay more attention to your diet in order to get longer and healthier tresses.

The two components that contribute the most to your hair growth cycle are proteins and complex carbohydrates (carbs), as they provide energy to nourish your hair. Therefore, make sure that you have enough protein and carbs in your meal, especially at breakfast and lunch when the energy expenditure is best. Foods like fish, eggs, or quinoa contain a great amount of protein while oatmeal or brown rice can supply enough carbs for the day.

In case you won’t get the proper amount of nutrients needed to grow healthier hair, try having supplements as another candidate to solve your hair growth problem. Again, not wanting to say this, but this doesn’t mean supplements is the alternative to your daily eating habits. There are thousands of substances needed to maintain your health, namely biotin, folic acid, vitamin A, B5, C, D, E, etc., which are already existed in your body. So having supplements like these won’t actually make a difference.

#Tip 4: Control Your Hair Wash Routine

The last thing you will want to do when growing your hair is skipping conditioner when shampooing. Similarly, if someone asks you how to grow hair faster, remind them of how important conditioning is. Rather than conditioners, it’s shampooing that you should consider skipping during the showers. For more illustration, shampoos are made to wash away dirt and residues. Having said that, they might contain chemicals like sulfate or parabens, which eventually will strip off all the natural oils you need for a healthy lock.

As much as you may want to reduce shampooing, it’s impossible to completely skip it. As a result, go for a sulfate-free shampoo with organic ingredients should you need to cleanse your hair. Besides, washing your hair with cold water could also boost the hair growing power for your information. The water can work as the protector to keep the strands hydrated, prevent the lock from snags and heat damage.

#Tip 5: Prevent Hair Breakages

Apparently, the best way to grow your hair fast is to keep it in the best condition, which means no breakage or damages. Being said that, there’re some items you may want to avoid:

  • Crash or fad dieting is the first thing you should get rid of. The restrictive habit will deprive the nutrients of your tresses and end up causing extreme hair loss.
  • Tight ponytails shouldn’t be in your hairstyles list as they cause traction breakages.
  • High mercury intakes cause excessive hair shedding, so you wouldn’t want to eat too much of foods like tuna or swordfish.
  • Wet combing is the worst thing you do to grow your hair as wet hairs are super vulnerable. Leave the hair properly dry before using rounded prongs to brush your hair from the tips and work your way up to the roots as brushing your hair from the other way can cause friction and damage it.

Side note: There’s actually another way to achieve a nice long-hair look without having to grow your hair faster. By opting for a set of APO Hair’s extensions, you can have your dream hair in just a matter of hours. Having hair extensions styled instead of your own hair can not only prevents damage but also helps create a variety of hairdos.

All in all, growing hair isn’t about making the tresses longer but about keeping your lock as healthy as possible. As long as you follow our above tips on how to grow hair faster, you’ll find not only your hair grows longer and stronger, but your whole body does.