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Girls, just come and don’t be shy to tell us that blackheads are one of your biggest obsessions. We are not telling the wrong thing but blackheads are extremely annoying. If you are not lucky and have some blackheads on your face, it would become your fear every night. Many girls are day by day wondering if there is any solution to this problem. For that worry, Apostore is here to help you answer the question “How to get rid of blackheads”.

What are blackheads?

If you want to get rid of blackheads, firstly you need to clearly understand what they are. Generally, blackheads are known as one of the most common forms of acne. You will realize that people who have oily skin are more vulnerable to blackheads. However, don’t be subjective. In fact, anyone can get them and sometimes, you may get blackheads in the most unexpected times.

What is the mechanism of blackhead formation?

Basically, blackheads form when pores become pores become clogged with a combination of dead skin cells and excess oil (sebum) from your sebaceous glands.

Some of you may think about the differences between whiteheads and blackheads. White whiteheads create close pores, blackheads get an open surface. This explains why blackheads create oxidation that is dark in color. We hope that the tips below will be effective ways for you to get rid of blackheads.

Wash your face twice a day and after exercising

Apostore believes that this is not the first time you have heard that one of the best way to get rid of blackheads is to wash your face regularly.

We highly recommend that you should wash your face even in the morning to remove any dirt or bacteria that may have gotten on your face at night. Also, don’t forget to make sure that you are washing your pillowcases regularly. However, do not over-cleanse as this may strip skin and make it produce more oil to compensate.

In addition, you should also wash your face soon after exercising. It is important to find out reliable types of facial cleansing wipes as this affects your hair much.

Don’t waste your time on benzoyl peroxide

There are many different methods to fight against acne and therefore, you are likely to find that many products contain benzoyl peroxide. However, the truth is that benzoyl doesn’t work for all types of acne, including the role in helping you get rid of blackheads.

It is commonly known that benzoyl peroxide works by reducing swelling and this is a key market of inflammatory. It can help you get rid of underlying bacteria in a pimple. However, blackheads aren’t considered inflammatory. Blackheads are not caused by bacteria. As a result, products featuring benzoyl peroxide will not do really good.

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Cleanse with salicylic acid

What will be the solution to get rid of blackheads if benzoyl peroxide is not an effective one? Here, we suggest that you should look for OTC products as these contain salicylic acid. Often, salicylic acid is a preferred ingredient that many people love to apply for their blackheads and whiteheads. It helps break down the materials that clog pores: excess oil and dead skin cells.

Despite the fact that you still need to wash your face twice a day, it is vital to use a cleanser that has salicylic acid in just once a day to start. Unfortunately, some people are sensitive to salicylic acid and you may not be able to use it more than once every few days. In case of reacting to it, discontinue your using.

Smooth on a clay mask

Clay has, for a long time, been known as a gentle ingredient that’s efficacy dates back to ancient times. The role of clay is to help rid skin of excess oil and also help to loosen or even remove dirt from a clogged pore.

That’s the reason why many types of face masks nowadays are made with a clay base. It works more gently than pore strips, which may pull off a layer of skin. In addition, some clay masks contain sulfur, which helps break down dead skin, improving the appearance of blackheads.

What should you pay attention?

To get rid of blackheads, using products is important. However, it doesn’t mean overusing these products is good. If you try to put on too many products at once, they can overwhelm your skin and exacerbate blackheads on the nose.

How to get rid of blackheads?” In fact, the question needs much time to get the exact answer and also, it depends on many factors.  Apostore hopes that you will find out the best way to get rid of blackheads, which helps you skin become more beautiful.