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According to reports received from barbers all around the world, requests for the range of Odell Beckham Haircut has been rising day by day. The fade and the faux-hawk, although his fans term it as a Mohawk, are his signature hairstyles which have created a craze all around the world, especially with the blacks. It is the range of hairstyles that involves length and color, that has made Odell Beckham Jr. more popular than his skills with the football.

How to Get Hairstyle Like Odell Beckham Haircut

To get a hairstyle like Odell Beckham, first you will need o have natural curls. If you don’t have, you can opt for curling your hair and then massage a product to ensure that the hair styling becomes easier. Groom the top and have the sides and the back fade, using a clipper sized to a minimum gauge. A fully grown beard or a goatee can be ideal for complimenting the Odem Beckham haircut.

20 Best Odell Beckham Haircut

Here are 20 Odell Beckham Hairstyles that have rocked the world.

#1: The Skin Fade Spikes with full Beard

The hair is first bleached and then styled into thick spikes using a styling product. The sides are skin fade and a full grown beard just touches the fade around the ears. Odell Beckham flaunted this style often, especially at press conferences.

#2: Mohawk Burst Fade Haircut

 This is a cool Odell Beckham haircut, where the bi-color tone set this hairstyle apart from others. It is because of the kinky curly hair that the shape of the haircut is preserved. A long chin beard compliments the hairstyle.

#3: The Curl Sponge for the Streets Haircut

Yes, it is the Twists Sponge haircut that involves twisting the hair and styling it curly so that you can see the holes. All you will need is a twist brush to have this haircut in perfect shape. Soon after it was called the dreads sponge.

#4: The Mohawk Afro Curl Haircut

Curly hair have the advantage to flaunt a range of stunning hairstyles, as is this Mohawk Afro url Haircut, which became famous after Odell Beckham flaunted this haircut on several occasions. The sides undercut, curly hair on the top styled into a Mohawk and a chin beard combine well to give this hairstyle a rocking one.

#5: Wide Mohawk Odell Beckham Haircut

 When you look at this Mohawk from the front, you can see the burst fade going into the hairline. The high fade effect is highlighted when seen from this angle. The hair is bleached and the sides have a fade.

#6: The Bleached Curly Afro Haircut

 Curly hair is a blessing and that is why you can flaunt various hairstyles like this one flaunted by Odell Beckham. He has let the curls grow to a certain length before bleaching. The top portion only, leaving the sides and the lower portion black. A full beard creates a contrasting style.

#7: Medium Length Curls

This is a Mohawk with medium curls, where the hair is kept long and also lighter in color. The hair is bleached in light brown with the curls styled in spikes.

#8: The Curl Sponge Haircut

This hairstyle is of Afro American origin, where the curls are natural. The haircut involves twisting up the curls and leaving holes inside by using a twist brush. The natural twist is given after a fresh haircut.

#9: The Long Mohawk Odell Beckham Hairstyle

 This is a hairstyle which Odell Beckham often sported on the field. This is the long Mohawk, where the hair is kept longer before styling the Mohawk. The sides are skin fade and a fully grown beard compliments the haircut.

#10: Tapered Curls Haircut

A French cut beard and the tapered curls provides an excellent combination in this Odell Beckham hairstyle. He skills of a barber are exhibited in this haircut, where a product is used to maintain the shape.

#11: Frosted Tips Odell Beckham Haircut

 The hair is longer and lighter in color. The tips of the hair are frosted and the sides are fade. A beard growing out from a goatee adds to the hairstyle. The front has a sharp edge which goes right across the forehead.

#12: Colored Curls with side fade and stubble beard

This is a hairstyle often sported by Odell Beckham, where the natural curly hair on the top is bleached. The sides have a fade and the beard is styled as a long stubble.

#13: The Mohawk Fade Odell Haircut

The blonde hair is styled into a Mohawk, where the sides and the back are faded. You will need regular visits to a barber if you have to keep the edges fresh and sharp. You can also add a hair design to the fade Mohawk.

#14: Tapered Curls with a Goatee

This is a haircut which Odell Beckham was seen at formal occasions. The curl is tapered and the sides and back faded. The facial hair is styled into a goatee, making the hairstyle a smart and cool one.

#15: Platinum Mohawk Odell Beckham Haircut

The hair is colored in platinum with the curls given a messy style. The sides and the back are fade and a full grown thick beard compliments the haircut. The front and the back have distinct edges, created by a razor, which makes them sharp.

#16: Golden Curls with Headband

Dell Beckham has often been seen rejoicing with this hairstyle, which is blonded in gold color and tied with a head band. The sides are fade and a fully grown beard adds to the style.

#17: Blonde Curls with Back Design Haircut

Even the slight variations Odell Beckham made in his hair styling is clearly evident, thanks to his barber, as in this haircut. The curly hair is blonde with the sides and the back having a fade. The back has designs etched with the help of a sharp razor and styling tool.

#18: Blonde Curls Hanging Down the Back Haircut

When seen from the back, this Odell Beckham haircut will look like this. The long curls are blonde hanging down from the back to the neckline. There is a beard as always has been with Beckham.

#19: Smooth Buzz Cut with Small Part

The buzz cut us kept to the shortest and a small part created more or less in the middle of the forehead. The facial hair is shaved except for the chin beard.

#20: Curls with Extebded Goatee

 Here Odell is seen with his natural curls neatly groomed and an extended goatee making the hairstyle smarter. This haircut is for casual and formal occasions.