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Have you ever seen that trendy rainbow or pastel hair they’re talking about on Instagram? Imagine how we would look stunning in those locks if only we won’t have to strip off all the hair natural color. Apparently, one cannot add those hues of pink, blue, etc. to your tresses if she won’t use peroxide to lift their hair color. However, it is this peroxide that causes your hair severe damages and breakages. It is completely understandable that no one would like to commit to the process of using bleach to get lighter hair colors. For that reason, we’ve done some searches and come up with the tips that will help you to dye your dark hair without bleaching. Let’s take a look at what those are, shall we?

  1. Hair Bleach with Natural Ingredients

It is a pure misunderstanding if you believe peroxide is the only way to bleach your hair. Using bleach to lift your hair color may cause the moisture on your hair follicle stripped away, which plays the key role in keeping the color and moisture of our hair. Fortunately, there actually are some effective methods to lighten your hair color without having to use peroxide.

#1 Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea can not only reduce stress but also contains the chemicals needed to lighten your hair. In fact, using chamomile tea as bleach can lift the hair tones up to 2-3 levels. All you have to do is to soak your hair in cool tea after washing it and let it dry naturally. Repeat the routine for a few days until you reach the color you like.

#2 Lemon/Lime Juice

Another option for you to choose is to use lemon juice. The citric acid in lemon juice is one of the best natural bleaching treatments you can ever have. Lemons will help lessen melanin in the hair, thus lighten the original color. You can even go blonde if your hair is already brown or chestnut color. To be able to bleach hair with lemon, you’ll want to add mix 2 cups of lemon juice to 1 cup of water and mix them well. Once you have the solution, pour it into a bottle and spray it on your hair. Use a comb to spread the lemon juice throughout the lock, and then you want to go out in the sun for a few hours, or you can blow-dry your hair at the highest setting. Although using lemon juiced is a very effective way to bleach hair, the acid in lemons can strip all moisture off your hair. Therefore, it’s crucial that you thoroughly care for your hair with deep conditioners and nourishing oils.

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#3 Hair Color Wax

Apart from natural treatments, there’re also some products that support lightening hair without damaging hair. One of the most popular items is the hair wax color cream. Natural hair wax color creams are made with natural ingredients and do not contain any additives. This is also super convenient for a quick color fix. However, just like temporary hair dyes, the color of a natural hair color wax will be gone once you have your hair washed.

  1. How to Dye Dark Hair without Bleaching?

If you’re not a fan of bleaching, either chemical or natural ways, you might need these options below that require no bleach.

#1 Henna

Henna is a super well-known natural method to dye dark hair without bleaching amongst hair colorists. This can be considered one of the biggest trends at the moment. The reason why Henna becomes so popular is that it’s made from the lawsonia inermis shrub – one of the oldest cosmetic and medical materials in the world. Its leaves have been used as colorings for thousands of years, and its flowers are also appreciated for having a pleasant fragrance. Henna often gives out reddish shades on your hair. Depending on the color base of your lock, the hair texture, and your hair condition, etc., the tones can vary from light orange to dark red. When using henna, the color will sit on the hair shafts and slowly deposit the color on the cortex. Unlike regular hair dye, the color from henna will create a protective layer on the hair strands and can somehow stimulate hair growth and the qualities of the hair. Still, this doesn’t mean henna can lighten your hair. As this is a natural hair dye method, henna can only give the most basic palettes; it’s can be very messy sometimes as well.

#2 Hair Gel & Chalk

As you won’t get a color range using henna, another alternative for you is using hair chalks and gels. These two options are rather easy to use. You can just simply wet the chalk with water and put it on your hair. That was for the hair chalk; it’s even easier to apply hair gels. All you have to do is directly place the gel onto your tresses, and you’re done! The pro of these hair gels and chalks is that they offer a diversity of color choices, including the most unique ones. Having said that, gels and chalks are also the short-term color fix as they’ll be removed with shampoos – just like the hair color wax.

#3 Color Hair Spray

The subtlest pick we have for you to dye your dark hair without bleaching is the color hair spray. Color sprays can come in various forms, from foams to normal mists. While hair foams work as the shade-shifting shimmers that change according to the lights hitting on your locks, normal sprays will work as just as the hair chalks but in a way more effortless way. Without any tints or peroxide, you can still opt for a color spray to switch things up. The color hair sprays are not only user-friendly but also comes in an assortment of shades. Nevertheless, a color spray won’t work its best on dark hair as it would on lighter ones. And of course, if you want full coverage, then you better go for another coloring treatment.

#4 Colored Hair Extensions

Why have to expose your hair to so many chemicals with uncertainty while you can have thousands of different hair colors (even rainbow) with a set of hair extensions? With more and more accessible types of extensions nowadays, you can now have a multitude of color options, from the most natural to the boldest ones. At APO store, we offer extensions with various lengths, colors, and textures. You can also get yourself a set of virgin human hair extensions and experience dyeing hair all by yourself. Be that as it may, poorly installed hair extensions can cause troubles such as traction alopecia or unnatural-looking locks. Plus, hair extensions also need a carefully planned hair care routine to maintain its long-lasting effect.

Complicated as it might seem, dyeing dark hair without bleaching is actually simpler than you thought. As long as you take great care of your lock to keep the cuticle healthy, you can switch your hair to any colors you want no matter how dark it is. Make sure to comment below your experience and thoughts on this article about how to dye dark hair without bleaching? Should you have any problems, do find us at APO store’s website to get the best advice on hair care and hair extensions. And if you’re interested in this article, come to our blog to get more posts like this.