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For a long time, weft hair is still one of the most popular ways that lots of people like to apply when they want to have new hair extensions. Today, we will talk more about weft Vietnamese double drawn hair one of the best-selling products which is in the weft hair collections of Apohair. What is it and how to determine this hair extensions?

What is weft Vietnamese double drawn hair?

This is the hairstyle in which the hair is weft by machines or hand, so sometimes it is also called as machine weft hair. It is neat and genuine so that you can bring it easily with you. Here, double drawn hair is the standard of the weft hair extensions. It refers to the hair with best quality where all the hairs have the same length.

Weft Vietnamese double drawn hair has lots of textures for you to choose. It can be straight hair with kinky straight or yaki straight. It can also be wavy hair with body wavy and natural wavy hair. In addition, we have curly hair, which includes deep curly or romantic curly. All the textures are so attractive.

Besides, hair color is an important part. You can look for lots of different hair colors in weft Vietnamese double drawn hair. They are black hair, blonde hair or light brown, dark brown hair. Choosing a suitable color has an effective meaning in helping you change your hairstyle.

How to determine weft Vietnamese double drawn hair?

In fact, it is quite easy for you to realize weft hair extensions. It is the hair which is sewn together in a line. To apply this hair extensions, you only get the weft hair extensions and then weave it to your real hair.

However, how to decide that it is Vietnamese hair. Exactly, our hair products  are 100% Vietnamese human hair. You will certainly feel the natural and strong state when using our weft hair extensions. One more thing you should pay attention is that our hair contain no chemical or synthetic hair. This is a good point of hair quality.

Also, weft Vietnamese double drawn hair is so soft, glossy and clean. For that reason, you will be so comfortably when choosing this hair extensions as your main way to have a new change in your hairstyle.

All above is our weft Vietnamese double drawn hair. We are Apohair and it will be our big happiness to provide you hair products with the best quality. We always hope to get much of your support for all of our hair products.