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Along with the development of society, you can now find more ways to extend your hair. One of the most favorable is hair extensions. Nowadays, there are many types of hair extensions made from various materials. When you decide to choose a synthetic hair as a temporary solution, it is cheap and easy to find. However, it means you need to accept that it is also easy to be damaged and difficult to style or dye. That’s the reason why at this blog, Apohair would like to tell more about human hair and the important role of its thickness.

What constitutes the thickness of human hair?

Basically, the thickness of human hair is measured by hair density. So, what is hair density? Hair density is a measure of the amount of hair that grows on the scalp. Does it sound confusing? Simply, look at the hairline, based on the scalp that is exposed to identify your hair as thick (thick), normal, or thin.

Hair density affects the selection of certain care and styling products. For example, thick hair will need a product for higher retention, the wax/pomade may be softer to smooth evenly over the entire hair and thin hair.

Check the hair section in other places like the apricot sides, the top of the head and the nape. Each position can have different hair density.

How to easily determine the thickness of your hair?


Stand close to the mirror, slide your hand into your hair, trace a piece of hair to see the scalp. You will basically classify as follows:

  • Thick hair (heavy): The scalp is not clear due to hair growth.
  • Normal hair: Some parts of the scalp are visible
  • Thin hair (sparse): Clearly see parts of the scalp, hair fibers growing apart
What types of hair density are you owning? Many people love thick hair. But not all of them own such a thick one. Lots of women lose their confidence due to their thin hair. It can be due to their own hair density. It can also because of their s suffering from hair loss. Thin hair robs much of women’s opportunities to be themselves. That is also one of the leading reasons for finding and applying hair extensions.

Standards of human hair extensions

In terms of the thickness of human hair extensions, there are also various levels (standards). It helps to meet all the customer’s demands in the most effective way.

Here, we are going to provide you four main hair standards provided by Apohair. Depending on your own needs, you could choose the suitable one that makes you look gorgeous.

+ Single drawn quality type 1: both short hair and long hair are put in the same bundle. The average length of the bundle is long enough to meet the demand of the customer; however, there are also short strands in it.

+ Single drawn quality type 2: the quantity of hair with the same length is more than that of single drawn quality type 1. Hair is also thicker in the top and thinner in the end like single type 1.

+ Double drawn quality type 1: In a bundle, the hair is made with hair in a longer size to give a real fullness on the end of the hair.

+ Double drawn quality type 2: is the best hair which has almost the same hair strands in one bundle of the hair. It is, of course, the most expensive hair standard of all.

Here, double drawn quality type 2 is the hair with the largest thickness. That is also the most popular requirements of many customers when they choose Apohair as their reliable supplier.

Do you want to add thickness to your hair? If you say yes, come with us to find your favorite hairstyle. You will certainly get a fuller and longer hairstyle which lets you be more confident and beautiful.