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Proper care is the key figure to make sure your hair extensions is in good condition even after they have been attached for a long time. Brushing your extensions is one of the most effective way to protect them. However, the way you brush your hair extensions will also affect their lifespan. Today, APO Hair would like to show you how to brush hair extensions properly.


First, you need to choose a proper comb or brush for your extensions treatment. We recommend you to use a large paddle brush or a soft bristled brush or a white tooth comb.

Then, gather all the hair together by collect all of the wefts on top of one another.

Gently run your fingers through extensions to get rid of tangles. Remember, be patient and don’t rip them.

The next step is to use a brush and calmly brush your extensions from bottom to top. Slowly remove tangles an inch at a time starting from the tips until your reach the roots and the weft track. If you go over any annoying knot, take it out and gently brush it through.

The last step will make sure that all the tangles are removed. It is using your hand, in a gentle way, run your fingers around the weft track to ensure that tangles have been displaced.


Hair extensions need to be brushed every morning

It is an important step for you to have a glamorous hair all day. Using your proper brush, and brush your extensions as our instruction. Remember, this step is important not only because it tames the mid length to the ends, but also because it helps to maintain the roots and bonds detangled. Your hair should be tied back at night, when you go to sleep, this will make sure your extensions may not be too tangled. However it still need a thorough brush.

 Hair extensions need to be brushed before bed

At the end of the day, you should give your hair extensions one last essential brush through before going to bed. This step will assure that there are no tangles in daylight remaining in your hair and that you must detangle them in the morning. Brushing extensions before bed also makes the care process much quicker and easier the next morning.

 Hair extensions need to be brushed before you wash them

It is very necessary that you always brush before washing your hair. By brushing your hair extensions before showering, you are preventing your hair from becoming tangled as you wash it.  

Should I brush my hair extensions when they are wet?

You mustn’t brush the extensions when they are wet because this is when it is at its weakest condition, very easy to break. You can brush them before washing or once they are 90% dry.

Remember to be slow and gentle when you brush the after-washed hair extensions. Moreover, if you try to brush from roots to tips, the tangles will appear and will be very difficult to remove.

 Keep your hair extensions brush handy at all times

Now that you are having a very glossy hair, you may find that your hair need to be brushed regularly as both you enjoy it and you feel your hair need to. By keeping your hair extensions brush handy at all times, you can take care of them conveniently when you go out, especially when you meet a big gust of wind or the rain.



  1. Brush 2 to 3 times a day and before showering or wetting hair. When you are brushing in the downward motion, hold the roots of your hair with one hand. Brush gently, and be extremely careful with the bonds.
  2. Avoid salty or chlorinated water. Salt and chlorine will harm your hair extensions just like they harm your natural hair.
  3. Apply any oils or sprays from the mid-shaft down, avoiding the bonds. Leave-in conditioners and hydrating oils are great for hair extensions, especially if they are feeling dry.


  1. Wash your hair too much. Washing hair frequently is good but certain mineral intense water may also deteriorate bonds or the condition of the hair, so please notice this.
  2. Sleep with wet hair. Once your hair extensions are completely dry, braid hair or tie it in a loose ponytail.
  3. Use heat tools too often. Just like with natural hair, too much mechanical heat will damage hair. When you do use heat tools, be sure to use a heat protectant.
  4. Chemically process the hair. Avoid any products that lighten natural color, create waves, or straighten natural curl.

 You also need to choose the right hair extensions branch to possess the best products. APO Hair proudly present you the high-quality products which can enhance your hair look and be easy to take care of. APO Hair is ready to satisfy you. Whether your hair is short or long, you still can be great with APO Hair extensions.