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The pollution becomes one of our prior concerns as it affects badly on our health, our skin, and you may not be surprised if we say that our hair is affected too. Acording to Susanna Romano, partner and stylist at Salon AKS in New York City, “The skin and hair are the first thing exposed to pollution, but skin often has the advantage of being protected by lotions, creams or other treatments. Particulate matter (minuscule bits of soot, dust, and other grime), smoke, and gaseous pollutants can all settle on both the hair and scalp, causing irritation and damage.”

Pollution can make our hair become dry or even break to an itchy scalp. It is actually a major cause of rough and damaged hair especially with whom living in cities where are often the highly-polluted areas.

Pollution gets rid of moisture from your hair. Yes it is. When your hair expose to the harmful gases in the air, it will lose moisture faster. Your hair will be dehydrate causing the hair strands frizzy and brittle.

Pollution damages the hair texture. Those aggressive air pollutants will lowden your hair quality, make the hair strands become thin and unhealthy.

Pollution causes scalp diseases. Yes, it makes our scalps get in trouble. If you get ssudden itching, may be accompanied by redness and irritation, it is highly the result of air pollution.

Pollution increases the dandruff amount. Dandruff on your hair is not just annoying but also makes you feel embarrassed. And air pollution is the factor that encourages the addition of dandruff.

Pollution causes premature baldness. This is one of the worst effects of air pollution that is hard to deal with. Hair loss is a common situation that many people get in when they are stress, extreme hair loss ends in baldness. Do you know what can cause extreme hair loss in fast way? It is pollution. The harmful gaseous mix appearing in the air makes your hair loses its strands extremely and you can get baldness really fast.

You have read the extreme bad effects of pollution towards our hair. What about the solutions? Whether anything can help us prevent all those risks? Apohair has collected for you some of the necessary ways to protect your hair from pollution.

Use anti-pollution hair care products

As people are raising awareness about the effects of air pollutions towards their health, hair companies are now creating anti-pollution products that can remove pollutants from hair and prevent them from settling on the hair or scalp. Most of these products contain antioxidant-rich botanicals. Depending on the major purposes of the products that ingredients varies differently. You can try Masque Hydra-Apiasant or Urban Moisture Hydro-Nourishing Shampoo, they can help you remove pollutants and counteract free radical damage caused by pollution as it contain moringa – a purifying extract. Or the Nexxus City Shield Conditioner uses Indian Lotus Flower (known for its ability to resist dust and humidity) in a phyto-protein complex that creates a barrier on the hair, locking out both city grime and, bonus, frizz-inducing humidity.

Control the number of your hair products

Intensive products like hair sprays, gels and thickening creams may keep your style on point, but the side impacts of them are attracting and trapping pollution. Instead of using them, you can go for minimally multi-task products and do a hair detox regularly.

Reduce the frequency of washing your hair

It is obvious that washing is the best way to get rid of dirt. Therefore, saying washing less to prevent pollution sounds illogic. Here is the explanation: Overwashing will strip away your sebum – a natural oil that is good for your locks, cosidered as the protective shield. When this shield is washed away, your hair strands will become an easy target for being harmed by pollution and UV rays. Go as long as you can in between washes, so that your sebum levels can function effectively. If you are the kind of person who has to wash hair daily, you can try dry shampoo or dilute your shampoo with water and wash hair.

Hydrate your hair

It is important to use conditioners, masks and hair oils to add moisture and nutrients, make your hair smoother and lighter. Hydrating your hair is never too much.

Avoid heat

Using heating tools such as hair dryers and straighteners can make your hair damage. Apohair highly recommend you to let your hair air dry. If it is really urgent, use hair dryers with low heat level. Whenever you reach for hair tools, use leave-in heat protection.

Use hair extensions

If your hair is in the recovery, you can wear human hair extensions to protect it. Hair extensions can help you have different hair color, different hair styles without damaging your real hair. Come to Apohair, and you can get the best quality wigs varying in length, color and types.