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Honestly speaking, it is not too difficult to find a hair extension which helps you improve your look. You can realize that there are hundreds of options when you search for hair extensions. However, we cannot deny that hair price is really an important factor that has a substantial impact on the customer’s buying decisions. Most people would like to choose a hair product which is both suitable for their present hairstyle and reasonable. So, what about the prices of hair extensions provided by Apohair? All will be revealed right in this post.

What are the cheapest hair extensions in Apohair?

When people have many demands in their daily life, they often have a tendency of choosing some products at reasonable prices. It is an effective way for them to save their money for other activities. In terms of hairstyle, bulk hair is the most affordable hair extensions that Apohair is providing to many customers around the world. It is the simplest hairstyle that we are producing.

Bulk hair is used to make many other hairstyles such as weft hair, tape hair, tip hair, lace closure, lace frontal and wig. That also explains why this hair is so cheap. However, there are four standards of bulk hair and bulk hair single drawn quality type 1 is the cheapest hairstyle in our stock.

About hair color, black is the group of color which has the cheapest prices. This is a natural color which has experienced no processing, no chemical is the most traditional hair color we are supplying.

What are the more expensive hair extensions in Apohair?

There are three groups of hair products that are more expensive than other simple products.

  •  Double drawn hair: this is the hair produced in the best standard. Each bundle of hair has all the hair remaining in the same length. Using double drawn hair, you do not need to worry about the hair quality of that hair. It has no short hair inside. Your hair will, therefore, be more equal.
  • Complicated products: lace closure, lace frontal, and lace wigs hair. To complete a wig, the worker needs to make a careful combination of weft hair and lace closure. This process requires lots of skills and meticulousness

  • Complicated colors: blonde color, red color, mix and ombre color. With these hair extensions, our worker needs to take many processes including bleaching and coloring the hair.

Besides, there are many types of beautiful hair products which are in medium prices. Here, we can list some outstanding products such as tape hair extensions, clip in hair extensions and tip hair extensions. These are all gorgeous hairstyles than perfectly meet customer’s demands.

Do you love any hairstyle in Apohair? If you feel so confused at the prices of our hair extensions, just contact us directly. Apohair promises to explain to you any problems relating to our hair products. We hope that you can find a hairstyle which is both beautiful and reasonable.