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Recently, braid is becoming a hot hairstyle that many women like to apply. Braids constitute a simple beauty, attracting many people. However, a braid require your own hair many thing, especially the length of the hair. Our post below will tell you how long your hair needs to be for braids.

A suitable hair length

The very first and important factor is that you need to have a suitable hair length. Depending on your own hairstyle, you can determine the suitable to get a hair braids. We suggest that in order to get a beautiful braid, your hair should be at the shoulder long hair. This length helps to ensure that you can have a braid in many different styles you like.

When you get no hair extensions

We can say that it is really easy for you to get braids when you are using no hair extensions. When you do not use hair extensions, this means that the hair you are going to braid is your own natural hair. At this time, we can know that you’ve got a hair with suitable length for the braid hairstyle.

What is more wonderful is that when your hair is thick and dense, you will find it easier to complete a braid. The reason here is the naturally thick hair enables the hair to hold together easily.

However, when you hair is in straight texture, it seems to be a little bit more difficult. The straight hair is easy to fall out because it is too slippery. Therefore, people like their hair to be in curly or wavy texture. Those textures will be more convenient for them to make a braid.

Here, the necessary hair length we think that you need when your natural hair is used to make braids is about 1.75 inches. This is the similar length to a shoulder long hairstyle. With that length, everything is ready for a new braid hairstyle.

When what you like to do is not just a braid, you can try on cornrows. This hairstyle is actually many braids which are attached to your scalp. Here, the hair, or the braids should have the suitable length so that the braid will not easy to fall out.

When you get a hair extensions

When you need the help of hair extensions, the suitable hair length for you is at least 2 inches. This is the right hair length for you to make a braid.

When your natural hair is just about two or three inches, you should avoid too long hair extensions. Your natural hair will not strong enough to hold the weight of the additional hair. Heavy weight of hair can cause bad effect because it will put your hair down.

At this time, you can comfortably begin to make the braid like the way you do it with no hair extensions. However, please remember to combine the hair extensions with your real hair when braiding. It will be better for you to keep the hair extensions at least one inch from the end of your own hair,

Apohair hope that will some information we have provided above, you, our beloved customers will get the best hair braids for yourself. We always hope that you guide will be in the best appearance, which makes you more confident in your daily life.