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Which factors, in your opinion, can influence the application of hair extensions on your own hair? Can hair length be one? In fact, hair length is the key factor that decides whether you can perfectly get a hair extension or not. Do not skip reading this blog post because it is the answer for great concern of many women “How long does my hair have to be to wear hair extensions?”

Why do you need to apply hair extensions?

In fact, hair extensions are used for lots of different purposes. Most people look for hair extensions because they want to have a new look with fuller and longer hair. Hair extensions can also help bring a new appearance to many people on their special days such as birthdays or wedding day. Thanks to hair extension, our brides-to-be feel more confident in the most meaning day ever of their lives.

Hair extension can also be an effective solution if you’ve got a bad haircut or regretted your long one. In this situation, hair length plays an important role in the process of dealing with your short hair. So, which hair length enables you to get a new style with hair extensions?

What are the requirements of your own hair length?

Your hair needs a specific length if you are really excited about having a new hairstyle. The ideal level here is that the hair should reach the occipital bone. It means the tail of your hair remains in the position right between your ears and where your head and neck connect.

In addition, the scalp hair should also be thick enough so that it can conceal the attachments of hair extensions on your head. This will be useful because no one likes the fact other people can realize the extensions attachment point they are applying. Basically, there are some hairstyles that do not allow women to use hair extensions for a new look. They are usually short hairstyles such as pixie haircut which little allows you to cover hair extensions.

It will be a really bad experience if there is no blending in the application of hair extensions on your own hair. When there is no blending, the gap between your real hair and hair extensions will be too drastic. That is the reason why hair length becomes so important. If the hair does not reach the occipital bone, try intermediate length instead of going for an extremely long look. If not, it will be so difficult for blending.

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For short hair, blending is important. In the applying process, you need to make sure to frame the face and connect the layers so that the hair extensions are not obvious to others and therefore, they will look as natural as your own hair.

If you ask for a specific hair length, then we highly recommend that your hair should reach at least to 6-7 inches in length. If your hair is too short, then the weft will not be able to clip into the hair in the most effective way. As a result, the clip may show through your short hair.

Where to buy the best hair extensions for a glamorous hair look?

In fact, customers are standing among hundreds of hair suppliers. However, it does not mean they can easily find a really prestigious one. In that context, we highly recommend that you should come and once try on Apohair’s extensions.

What makes out products so outstanding?

  • Hair quality

All the hair products are made of 100% Vietnamese human remy hair which has no insect, no tangle and no shedding.

Apohair ensures that, absolutely, there is no chemical or synthetic hair mixed in any of our products. That means you never need to worry about the quality of hair extensions.

  • Hair textures

Textures come in a wide range. Here, we supply three main textures. Each consists of some typical ones:

- Straight: kinky straight, yaki straight hair

- Wavy: natural wavy, water body wavy, body wavy, bouncy wavy, roll bouncy wavy

- Curly: Loose curly, deep curly, romantic curly, kinky curly, fumi curly

  • Hair colors

Apohair provides you the most popular hair colors in the world. Besides black hair, we also have dark brown, light brown and blonde color for all of your hair extensions. Especially, some outstanding colors like mix, piano or ombre are available for our hair extensions.

Apohair’s products are a little obvious to others. That makes it easier for women to apply them. In addition, the requirement on the hair length is not too strict. If your hair is not too short, hair extensions will help you get fuller and longer hair in the most effective way.

Apohair hopes that this blog post will be really useful. Follow the standards for hair length above and then, you will certainly be on the right way to apply hair extensions for a new appearance.