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Tonight is your birthday party. Suddenly, you want to find a new you for this special occasion. There are many ways that help you get a really new appearance but there is also a fact that not too many ways can lead you to a new look as quickly as hair extensions. Let clip in hair extensions be the one which makes you more beautiful with a new hairstyle in your own night.

What is clip in hair extension?

Clip in hair extension refers to a method of adding volume and lengths to your hair. As its own name, clip in is the main accessory in this hair extensions. It is the most preferred method of hair enhancement that is applied both at home and hair salon.

Why does clip in hair extension attract so much women’s attention?

Clip in hair extensions become popular for many advantages and benefits. What are they?
Firstly, like other methods, clip in hair extensions helps transform your look by giving you a longer and fuller hairstyle.
Generally, clip in hair extensions are known as typical and temporary methods of putting additional hair. For this point, users can use clip hair extensions in the most flexible way. You can take it and out each day, each week or any time you feel like.

Anyone can apply clip in hair extensions because by anyway, it is easy to use and time-saving. This temporary method is extremely suitable with occasional wear. Especially, if you are too confused about finding a new hairstyle for your own party tonight, just choose clip in hair extensions as your best friend.

By which way can we put in clip in hair extension?

In fact, there is nothing complicated in the application of clip in hairstyle. However, it does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to some basic steps. Here, 5 steps for your using a clip in hair extensions is believed to be useful

Step 1: Lay out your clip in hair extensions on a flat surface and group similar sizes together.

Step 2: Part your hair wherever you normally do it and then section off hair perpendicularly from your part down to your ear, use a hair clip to hold that section it its right place

Step 3: Repeat all the processes of step two on the opposite side of your head.

Step 4: Section off the bottom inch of hair and clip up the rest of your hair.

Step 5: Choose the clip in hair which will best fit the section, open up the clip and attach it to your hair. Depending on your own needs, you select a clip in which fits you most. Here, you can apply the clip into any part of your head which needs to have longer or fuller hair.

How long does it take to apply clip in hair extensions?

If you are a new user, then you will need a specific time to learn how to apply a clip in hair extension. And for five steps above, it is estimated that the application will take about 4 or 5 minutes, not a too long time.

Once you’ve got used to the application of these hair extensions, you will find out that clip in hair extensions is the easiest and quickest method of putting additional hair to your real hair. 2 or three minutes is the time you need to spend on that process, such a short time for new hair. Nothing will be more exciting and surprising than the moment you realize that you’ve just got a new hair just in three minutes only.

How to wash clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions is a temporary method, therefore, making it clean each time you take it out is an essential thing. Below, we are going to provide you some tips in your washing clip in hair extensions, consisting of:
1. Remove hair extensions from your head in a gentle way. If there are some hair which is tangle or shedding, use a wide-tooth comb to remove all knots and tangle from extensions, letting the hair be smooth.
2. After using shampoo and conditioner, rinse the hair extensions with lukewarm water, moving from the top to down, wrap extensions in a towel and then gently press out the excess water. Keep using your wide-tooth comb and then comb through the hair extensions. Air dry it as the last step.

- Note: Use shampoo and conditioner which are made for real human hair extensions and note, that kind of shampoo is suitable for you.

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