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Extensions are the ultimate ideal way to bring the great length and thickness you desire. One of the most essential things we think you may want to know is the lifespan of hair extensions as longevity of the extensions plays an important role in the decision-making process of buying new hair. The lifespan depends on the types of hair extensions, each type has its own longevity. However, no matter which type of extensions, the better you treat them, the longer they will last.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

The average quality human hair extensions last 3 to 6 months while manufactured hair extensions last 1 to 2 months. Counting on hair treatment and fusion type, you can extend extensions lifespan by up to 12 months.

How Long Do Tape-In Extensions Last?

If you use high quality, Remy human hair, your tape-in extensions can last 3 to 5 months. The tape-in hair extensions use adhesive weft tape that doesn’t require any heat and they let your natural hair continue to grow easily. The tape-in hair extensions can be reapplied by attaching a new piece of tape that replaces the old one.

We recommend you to use APO tape in hair extensions made of 100% Vietnamese human Remy hair, which is quite natural and strong. APO tape-in hair extensions do not have any chemical or synthetic hair. Therefore, you do not need to worry that your hair can be damage.

How Long Do Clip-in Hair Extensions Last?

If you are looking for instant solution, with no permanent bonding, clip-in extensions are the perfect choice. They are very easy to apply and remove. With clip-in hair extensions, you can do ponytail, braids, you can boost your hair length, thickness and change the color. To use clip-in hair extensions, you just simply press the back of the clip to open and click back to close.

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With proper care, the Remy quality clip-in extensions can last from 9 to 12 months. Synthetic clip-in extensions lifespan is around two years on average as people often wear them only around twice per quarter. For whom use human hair clip-in extensions every day, the average lifespan is around 60% less, and goes to 4 months.

How Long Do Fusion Hair Extensions Last?

This method requires the use of individual "U-Tip" or "V-Tip" hair extensions. The extensions are applied by heating the bond using a special hair extensions fusion iron onto your natural hair. The bond is made up of a special keratin protein glue that is very resilient. This is a very popular method. These hair extensions last about 3 months. The better you treat them, the longer they will last. Proper care is ideally going to make your extensions perform much better for you in the long run.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Hair Extensions?

Wearing hair extensions is a good way to boost your hair look. Extra inches of hair, gorgeous fullness and density, and stunning colors are just some of its amazing features. It is understandable that you want to extend the lifespan of your hair extensions as not everyone can afford to buy new wefts every couple of weeks. By applying these following simple tips, you can lengthen the life of your extensions for at least one or two months.

Avoid Synthetic Hair

There is a huge difference between synthetic hair and natural human hair. Synthetic hair is not really known for its longevity and quality. It doesn’t look as good in the first place, and it even becomes worse when it tangles. If you have extensions made out synthetic hair, don’t expect to wear them for more than few weeks.

Choose the Right Extension Type

Due to the application method that each hair types have different lifespan. Pre-bonded types like I-tips and tape-in have a pretty good lifespan of usually about 4 to 6 months. However, because of the glue used, they are more prone to tangling near the roots and that shortens their life expectancy. Moreover, they are semi-permanent types so you can’t take them off every day. This also shortens their longevity.

The extensions type that has proven to last the longest out of all others is clip-in. It is no wonder it is still the most popular method ever. Clip-in wefts are also extremely simple to put on and maintain and that’s what makes it a great method for beginners and advanced users alike.

Install Correctly

Correct application also influences how long will extensions last. Incorrect installation can cause several consequences. First, the wefts or strands might fall off or detach, and nobody wants that. It can also create friction which makes the tangling more severe and you end up with unusable, tangled mess.

We recommend you to have a hair professionalist help you apply hair extensions.

Brush Often

Proper care is the key figure to make sure your hair extensions is in good condition even after they have been attached for a long time. Brushing your extensions is one of the most effective way to protect them. However, the way you brush your hair extensions will also affect their lifespan. Brushing daily gets rid of tangles easily and keeps the extensions in a pristine condition.Wash Carefully

Washing doesn’t have to be done that often when it comes to extensions, but it does need to be done with care and patience. You can wash non-permanent wefts like clip-in or flip-in separately and it’s quite easy to do. Semi-permanent extensions are washed along with natural hair since they can’t be taken off.

Don’t Overuse Hot Tools

Another thing that reduces the lifespan of any extensions are hot tools like a flat iron or a curler. Although those tools are great for styling and blending the hair with the extensions, heat can damage strands over time. Avoid using hot tools every single day and remember to spray some heat protectant before.

Avoid Hair Dyes

Hair dyes, and bleach especially, contain very strong chemicals which dry out the hair and often cause breakage and thinness. We know that changing the shade of your extensions is fun but be aware of the possible consequences.

While hair extensions can last around 3 to 12 months, it does not mean that they won’t be damaged within first month. A cause of constant over-drying, hair straightening using bad temperatures, not brushing and so on can shorten your hair extensions.

Whatever kind of hair extensions you decide on, let APO Hair be your guides to your journey to fabulous hair. Because APO’s Remy hair is completely natural human hair coming from donors in Vietnam, the quality is highly ensured. We commit to supply the best quality hair products, especially Remy hair – 100% no chemicals, no dyed, no colored.