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The wavy looking is sure to flourish your face and your appearance.

It also has no nits, no insects and easily applied. We now offer 24 inches weave wavy hair with colors of black, brown, light brown and mixed highlight. When it comes to natural human hair extensions, Apohair is one of the top brands.

Is 24 inches weave wavy hair too long for short girls?

Recently, people keep talking about how hair affects their look. One of those is that one person should choose hair volume that fits their body. That is, short girls should choose short hair and long hair only fits tall people.

That might sound sensible somehow, but it also arises dilemma situation for many people. In particular, a lot of short people love to have a long wavy hair; however, they also worry that their long hair might make them look shorter than they actually are.

This is hard to say whether it is right or wrong. I agree that short hair makes little girls seem to be cuter. But long hair will give a more mature appearance. If you want to look mature but still girly and feminine, then just try this 24 inches weave wavy hair.

Stereotype about hair affecting your appearance might be right, but don’t forget that the choice is still yours. You can take it or leave it. You can have a long wavy hair even when you are a short girl as long as you feel happy.

Should I choose 24 inches weave wavy hair or tip wavy hair?

These two types of hair share the same length and look exactly similar. The only difference here is the way it will be applied into your real hair. For some people who have little time, they might prefer weave hair. Weave hair is weft together so that it takes less time to pin in. The downside of it is that you can only apply it in the back head.

On the contrary to weave hair, tip hair which is available on Apohair as U-tip, I-tip, V-tip… can be easily applied. You can also flexibly use this type of hair as it is divided into small pieces. Plus, you can put it in anywhere in the head that you want. I personally think that tip hair might outweigh weave hair this time.

24 inch weave wavy hair is beautiful hair extension. If you want to look gorgeous, don’t hesitate to own one.