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If there is something which creates the most outstanding difference among lots of celebrities in the red carpet, it must be their fashion or hairstyle or both. The continuous change in one’s appearance is the key factor that makes an actress be more attractive. Let’s take a look at how our idols have been glamorous in two special events of showbiz – Oscar and Grammys. All will be revealed in their hottest hairstyles in 2019 Oscar and Grammys.

What do you know about Oscars & Grammys?


Oscars stands for “the Academy Awards”, a set of awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry. Generally, the awards are known as international recognition of excellence in cinematic achievements assessed by the Academy’s voting membership, which consists primarily of filmmakers in the USA. No need to rethink, this is certainly an honorable prize which most of the film producers and actors, actresses have always dreamt of.


Different from Oscars, a Grammy Award refers to an award presented by the Recording Academy to recognize achievements in the music industry. Grammy Award draws much of the audience’s attention because it is the second of the Big Three major music awards held annually( the two others are American Music Awards which is in the Fall and the Billboard Music Awards which takes place in Summer).

Both Oscars and Grammys are the top events that are time to celebrate accomplishments in the field of music and film. However, for many people, these are the opportunities for them to learn about films and artists they may not have heard of before. Admit it! Watching elegant celebrities in their gorgeous hair and beauty looks in red carpet is always the highlight of that wonderful night. Here, we would be amazed so much at the beauty of the hottest hairstyles in two big events 2019 Oscar and Grammys.

Exploring the hottest hairstyles in 2019 Oscars and Grammys

Believe us! Here you can’t stop being excited to see these pictures with the excellent beauty of many famous stars, maybe, including your idols. If there is a chance to compliment here, we need to say thousands of compliments for these hottest hairstyles in 2019 Oscars and Grammys.

Miley Cyrus and her amazing bedhead beach waves

Appearing in the 2019 Grammy Award, Miley Cyrus stood out in a sleek black pantsuit and her beachy bedhead waves hairstyle. Miley’s bright blonde balayage locks were tousled effortlessly to the side. This helped to create natural beauty for our beautiful singer.

If you would like to apply these beach waves, the simplest thing you could do is to apply as little heat as possible. By doing that, you can easily achieve a hairstyle like Miley’s look. Finally, to make sure you are having this style, finish off the hairstyle by rubbing a bit of hair pomade on your fingers to hold down your side part.

Kelsea Ballerini and textured balayage waves

Kelsea Ballerini makes her fans surprised when she goes from short lob to long locks using hair extensions in her newest textured balayage waves. What helps emphasize her beauty here is not just the effortless textured waves of our talented country singer, it is also the color that brings a completely dynamic and new look for the hairstyle. In this 2019 Grammy Awards, sporting a textured lob, our star chose to add extensions to her lock and that extensions quickly form the beachy waves for her new hairstyle.

Are you wondering how to achieve that pretty look? Here, you can clearly see that Kelsea’s hair is the beautiful shade of Blonde Balayage color in which the color is transformed from Dirty Blonde to Ash Blonde at the bottom. The way of creating this color is quite strange and therefore, it makes the hairstyle be more mysterious. At this time, it is quite easy to answer the question “how to achieve that look?” The best and also the quickest way is to find and apply hair extensions. And when Apohair is always here, no longer do you need to find out a reliable hair supplier. We are ready to provide you hair extensions with the best quality at any time you have demands. Do not worry because we make sure that all the hair is made of 100% Vietnamese human Remy hair which contains no chemical or synthetic hair. Is that good?

Lady Gaga and her undone waves with last night’s makeup

Lady Gaga, a too-familiar name to most of us. It is true when we can say that nobody looks chicer in last night’s hair and makeup than Lady Gaga. In the 2019 Grammy Award, Lady Gaga is perfectly beautiful when she not only took home a whopping three Grammy but also debuted two different looks throughout the night. That night, lots of audiences fell in love with Lady Gaga’s undone platinum blonde waves and dark shadow root.

Jennifer Lopez and her Old Hollywood waves

At the 2019 Oscars, Jennifer turned up in a figure-hugging Tom Ford gown made up entirely of head-to-toe sparkling mosaic mirrors. Audiences love the beauty of her futuristic gown, paired with timeless and glamorous waves reminiscent of Old Hollywood. Jennifer Lopes is definitely a contender for the Best Hair category in our books with her deep side part and smokey eye completing the look.

How do you feel about these hottest hairstyles in 2019 Oscars and Grammys? Do you think you could achieve those beautiful styles? Absolutely! With the help of hair extensions or your hairstylist, things gonna be easier and just in a short period of time, you can change your appearance with your favorite hairstyle in the quickest way. Good luck to you!