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Just like her best mate Fearne Cotton, the gorgeous TV presenter Holly Willoughby looks absolutely outstanding, especially with her dazzling blonde hair and her curvaceous beauty. Unlike any typical Hollywood stars, Willoughby brings out a healthy body image with natural curves and silky hair.   Looking at the throwback of her FHM photo shoot since 2008, we thought it would be of regret if we don’t make this post in appreciation of Holly Willoughby’s beauty.

Holly Willoughby 1

Sexy Curves

In the hot FHM shoot, Holly donned a sexy two-piece bikini showing off her curvy lines. We believe this has, without doubt, helped boost her popularity with not only guys but girls also. This is actually not the only photo shoot where Holly showed off her sexy curves.

Holly Willoughby 2

Back in 2005, Holly Willoughby also sizzled in stockings in a sultry shoot for men’s mag Arena Magazine. Holly looked every inch a bombshell in that suspenders and heels. The presenter looked almost unrecognizable from her morning TV self; her curves are definitely what all of us girl would kill for.

Holly Willoughby 3

She later smoldered in a racy gold lycra dress with plunging neckline, showing a flash of her natural yet totally healthy curves.

Holly Willoughby 4

Willoughby looks too perfect for a woman pushing her 40s, especially in the chic floral dress as it complemented her svelte frame perfectly. The dress she wore in this picture featured a collared neckline and nipped in at the waist then billow out around the legs. Her fit would surely leave her fans pining over the simple yet sensational look.

Sultry Hair

Holly Willoughby 5

If you find yourself stalking her on the media, then you must have realized that Holly’s sultry hair is the real deal, not her curves. The blonde bombshell always looks ridiculously stunning with her flawless sultry hair. Should you happen to fell for Holly Willoughby’s fabulous hair, then you are in for a treat as we’ve rounded up her best hairstyles right below.

Holly Willoughby 6

It is quite obvious that Holly has always been loyal to her wavy golden blonde since the earliest years, so you might probably in shock to find out that Willoughby is not a natural blonde. If you go online and look for some rare footage of her younger photo, you would know that the presenter is naturally a brunette with dark brown locks. You know what, even without her trademark blonde, Holly looks like a goddess with her pure touch from her look. Her dark chocolate shade hair showed off her deep green eyes and her spotless skin. She sure looks like a whole masterpiece in her natural hair.

Holly Willoughby 7

Back to her current look, to be honest, Holly Willoughby’s blonde locks will always keep a special place in us. We could never forget how Holly looks so gorgeous with her sexy curves yet dreamy blonde wavy mermaid-like hair. The golden hues are bold and bright, and it perfectly complements her skin tone. Besides, blonde gives out the summertime feeling, which is a match made in heaven with Holly’s bright vibe. However, pretty sure some of you have missed that Willoughby, by the age of 37, had a haircut. Surprisingly, this lob style immediately knocked years off her age. It is definitely a very wise decision of Holly when the presenter chooses to chop some inches off her hair. With the soft ends and edges cut, Holly’s hair appears much more youthful and fun with lots of movement.

Holly Willoughby 8

Looking gorgeous however her hair is done, her sleek locks have yet gone under the radar, but we believe Holly Willoughby has at least some hair extensions to keep her hair looking its best. It is unlikely that one with constantly dyed hair and styling like Holly can live without hair extensions. Why is that? Dying hair may cause a lot of damages to hair, and what if the color went wrong? There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to dying hair, and hair extensions are the best solutions for those. If you don’t like the results, then just take the hair extensions out of your hair. Simple.

Holly Willoughby 9

Again, uses it or not, we are 100% sure that Holly Willoughby’s hair is the hair goal of every girl in the world. Should you not blessed with such beautiful hair or you are experiencing some serious hair loss problem, make sure to come find us at APOSTORE. We provide real human Remy hair that would be easily used and styled. There’re also hair extensions with golden shade just like Holly’s, so why don’t you go and treat yourself with the most beautiful hairstyle just like your favorite Holly Willoughby.

Holly Willoughby 10 

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