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Halle Maria Berry or Maria Halle Berry, born on August 14, 1966, is an African American actress. She became famous after her winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in ‘Monster’s Ball’. Before her reputation as an actress, Halle Berry was known for her appearance in several beauty contests, finishing as the first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant and coming in 6th in the Miss World 1986. The 52 years old actress has been working as the spokesmodel of the famous cosmetic brand Revlon for a long time. She is no stranger to media attention. Despite that, Halle Berry is not at all shy about being spotted in public with her no-makeup face. At the age of 52, Halle Berry’s no makeup face is completely stunning.



Halle Berry looks absurdly gorgeous in this photo of her clean face. Her face looks just like a pixie, with her features are perfectly shaped as if they were carved by the hands of God. It is not common to find a woman looking this good in casual clothes putting no makeup on. The cropped hairstyle absolutely complimented her small face and her beautiful features. It seems that in spite of her age, Halle’ s face will still remain the same.


It is actually quite easy to recognize Halle Berry even with her no-makeup face. The picture captured on May 14, 2019 by the paparazzi, and there was no sign of makeup on Halle’s face that day, yet the actress looks as stunning as ever. She was not only not wearing any makeup; she did not even have her hair done. But that didn’t even bother as she was glowing with her natural beauty and her incredible figure. The beauty looks sporty and happy as she smiles brightly while departing from the gym.


Apparently, age is just number to Halle Berry as the 52 doesn’t even catch a sign of aging on her face. Her skin is perfectly luminous and wrinkle-free. Not having a stitch of makeup on her face, Halle Berry rocked the baseball cap and casual clothes with a cropped hairstyle. Despite being the spokesperson of the famous cosmetic brand Revlon, it seems that Halle Berry still relatively blasé being captured without makeup.



The actress does not look anywhere approaching her age as she is turning 53 this year yet looking absolutely youthful. She is definitely aging like a fine wine. Wearing minimum makeup even when going to parties, no wonder her skin always looks healthy. We could say that her skin is always at its best condition as Halle would not cover her skin under heavy makeup for too long. She definitely knows what is best for her skin.


The picture was taken when Halle Berry was pregnant with her second child. Seems like Ms. Halle was not at all influenced by pregnancy as she still glowed, and her skin still looks flawless. She looked completely beautiful and chic in the photo. This is definitely one of the best photos of Halle Berry without makeup we’ve ever seen.


No one could ever deny Halle Berry’ beauty. Her face is charming and alluring naturally and her physique is outstanding. Beautiful as she is, Halle seems to prefer keeping her daily life as simple as possible. Unlike other celebrities, it is actually much simpler to look for a picture of Halle Berry without makeup than her full-on one. We can casually surf the Internet, scroll down our newsfeeds and come across a picture of Halle Berry without makeup. Surprisingly, none of them looks unpleasant or so – they all look absolutely stunning as if she is about to throw herself into a party or such without having to put on any makeup. Just a little bit of hairstyling and she is good to go.


In this post, you have gone through several pictures that are probably of the best of Halle Berry without makeup, which unveils her actual beautiful and proves that she looks pleasant-looking even without makeup. What do you think about Halle Berry without makeup? Let us know by commenting under the comment section.