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Looking at the beauty of many beautiful Indian girls, you are quickly attracted by their outstanding hairstyles. You wonder how to achieve those looks while you are owning a quite thin hair and round face. Is it feasible for you to change your hairstyle in your favorite way? All the answers to your questions will be made right now, with the introduction of a glamorous haircut for thin hair and round face Indian.

Sleek and straight haircut

Many people consider that sleek and straight haircut is now too obsolete but in fact, it is never. Whatever shape of your face, long face or round face, the sleek look on straight hair still draws a lot of attention from the public.

Due to the fact that there is no specific dimension to a round face, it would be best if you try a haircut for thin hair and round face Indian in the sleek and straight style when your hair is in medium length. In case of some disadvantages such as your hair is not long straight enough, you can completely use a hair straightener to make it straight. If your hair is not long enough, hair extensions would also be the best solution. Especially, in Apostore, there are many types of hair extensions that exist in different textures, colors and lengths, providing you as many options as possible.

Layers long hair

This is exactly the second type of haircut for thin hair and round face Indian we are suggesting for you. Layers hairstyle is extremely suitable if you have long and thin hair as it will help bring you oval face shape. There is one thing you should take note that if you let your layers till your chin, other people will focus more on your round face and we deeply understand that some of you might not like this.

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Layers hairstyle can be applied in lots of different textures of hair such as straight, wavy and curly. In the process of styling this hairstyle, you shouldn’t forget to let the layers, at least, below chin level so that your round face now will be no longer be noticed.


Actually, it is not complicated for you to try this hairstyle. If you are having a medium length and curly hair, all you need to do is just allowing it to keep on growing. Curly hair is now favorite as it expresses a very cute and sexy look. It is completely true as you can see in many Indian films, actresses often choose curly hairstyles. Curly hair seems to make things more romantic and also, fashionable.

Wavy Hair and Long Layers

One more dynamic type of haircut for thin hair and round face Indian is the wavy hair and long layers. It is necessary for you to have a quite heavy bang at one end so that it can help hide the roundness of your face. In case your hair is too thin, you should find some reliable hair suppliers, for example, Apostore, to get the best hair extensions. With the application of human hair extensions, you can now confidently style your own wavy hair with bangs.

There are two basic ways for the bangs: one side or side-parting. And there is no doubt that wavy hair would rank as a very great look for round face. Especially, the hairstyle can be matched with all types of hair colors.

Bob cut

It might be strange but bob haircut is also listed in the top haircut for thin hair and round face Indian. Many people consider that short bob hairstyle is classic and it does not match the round face. What if you are having a round face and you still love the short hairstyle. For this circumstance, we highly recommend that you should try on angled bob. The most important factor here is that you need to be confident to apply this hairstyle. Believe us and be careful as it is possible that you will be addicted to this style and therefore have no passion for long haircuts.

Pixie look

Never can we deny the beauty of girls who don’t hesitate to once try on pixie look. When you have a round face and you want a pixie hairstyle, well, you are in the right option. Especially, with long layers, pixie look draws others’ attention on the forehead instead of your round face.

It is difficult to say “No” with the romantic and attractive hairstyles of the Indian. If you also love their haircut for thin hair and round face Indian, just don’t be shy to try. Apostore hopes that with all the information we’ve provided, you can determine the best hairstyle which is suitable with your face and of course, making you satisfied. Contact us if you need any further updates about our products and policies.