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Hair coloring is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It’s not any surprise when you see people with colorful shades on their hair. But to get it, you may spend more time on a hair salon and not everyone can do it. Therefore, hair coloring at home is a hot topic that you shouldn’t miss it. In this post, we will introduce some ways to color your hair without damaging it. Scroll down and be sure to be clear each step.

Hair coloring at Home

1. Find your shade

We all know that the first step in your at-home hair coloring journey obviously is buying the dye. But before running to the drugstore and grabbing the prettiest-looking box, let us just emphasize the importance of finding the right shade. Box dye is kind of a one-size-fits-all situation so we generally suggest you should stick to a cool or neutral tone because box dye can tone up your natural hair color and leave you with a warmer shade than you intended.

FYI, if you're looking to take your hair a full shade (or two!) lighter or darker from your natural hair color, you should skip the box all together and book an appointment with a professional because there's more room for error when you're going drastic. But if you just want a little dimension or shine, scoop up one (or two, if you have longer hair) of these cult-favorite box dyes:

2. Prepare your hair

If you decide to take the time for hair coloring at home, it's beyond worth it to put in a little prep work in advance to make sure the process goes smoothly. So what is the easiest way to keep your scalp safe while you're coloring it? Let’s work with three-day-old hair. We suggest you should not wash your hair for a few days before coloring it, since your natural oils will help protect your scalp from any chemicals in the dye

One more tip: Before you mix up your dye, remember to grab a tub of Vaseline. Some Vaseline around your hairline and on your ears will be useful to protect your skin from staining because there's legit nothing worse than washing out your color and realizing you've dyed your skin.

3. Follow the instructions carefully

Don’t forget that every box dye comes with its own set of instructions, so make sure you read them carefully before you get started. After you mix up your dye (your instructions will walk you through it, though you'll usually just shake up a bottle of color and developer), remember to throw on a pair of gloves and start with your roots because they need the most time to develop. So if you want to color your whole head, you'll need to start at the top and pull the dye down through your ends.

How to Color Your Hair Lighter at Home

We know, we know, you'd rather go blonde at home than drop some serious $$ and your time at a salon, but dyeing your hair lighter will need some serious skill and technique and should definitely be left to the pros. The truth is that when you're lightening your hair, you're 'lifting' its pigment (whether that's natural or dyed), and it's fairly easy for that new color to accidentally veer onto the warmer, brassier side.

And it’s time for colorists come into play: They'll be able to custom mix your dye and make sure you get the right end result. Keep in mind that with at-home color, you typically have little-to-no control with the color you're using, so you may end up with warm or brassy roots—especially with brunette shades.

How to Color Gray Hairs at Home

One more time you got a few gray hairs peeking through, but not quite ready for a full-on dye job? Don’t worry, you can totally color your gray hairs at home, and there are so many methods out there, including root touch-up kits (targeted hair dye that you comb through your roots) and concealer sprays (dry shampoo-like formulas that temporarily tint your hair until you wash them out). We highly recommend some favorite products, all of which are incredibly easy to use:

 It’s so easy to follow these hair coloring tips above, isn’t it? If you want to save your time and money in a hair salon, they will be a must-see how-to guide you should check. Hope the article will be helpful for you. Support us and follow our website for more!