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Spring comes and brings for people new hope and goal for the very beginning of the year.  It is also the time that girls have more things to concern. Haircut may be the first thing that girls take into consideration because hair is believed to be the energy to breathing a new life. This article today will take you through top 5 sexiest haircuts for this Spring. Find a note now to make sure to keep all of these.

Long lengths and bangs

Long lengths is always the best option if you are look for a sexy hair. Long lengths in combination with bangs will make your hair look thicker. I am sure that you are wondering which shapes of face will match with this haircut. I highly recommend long lengths and bangs with round face. As you can see how flawless Selena Gomez is when she is in this haircuts. In addition, you can be even more gorgeous if  you add in subtle layers and wispy, piece-y bangs.

The curtain bangs

Although the curtain bangs are formally considered as a kind of classic style, but it is definitely will be a trending look in 2019.  The bangs are not really think and they don’t cover all your forehead, so if you want to elongates your face, the curtain bangs will be the great idea. Let’s take a look at Camila Cabello to see how the curtain bangs work on reality.

The rounded bob

The rounded bob will firstly help you to show off you nice shoulder and your flawless neck. Many girls will think that they can actually put on many other haircuts like A-line bobs or blunt bobs to get the above advantage. They are right, but the rounded bob has one more exceptional benefit that these other haircuts don’t have is that it is softer and more feminine.

Blunt jawline bob

As the name is called, this version of bob will focus on jawline. In detail, in one side, it hits at the jawline. In the other side, when you tucked your hair behind your ear, you will get A-line jawline, which will definitely be the most attractive part in your face. Blunt jawline bod works best with straight hair. It will make you look so cool and sexy.

Long wispy layers

While many kinds of bobs are in a lot of looks in spring 2019, long wispy layers promise to be the biggest competitor of them. Long wispy layers are suitable with round face, because it will makes your face softer and less round. The full layers are the main factor to create your impression with others.