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A lot of g women who dream to having a long straight and natural hair, tape in hair extensions would a good idea. It is not difficult for you to select this color because it is suitable for you.

Apo’s products known as the best products in Vietnamese market. Hair extensions products of Apo are made from Vietnamese girls and women who have a long and strong hair. And it’s time to put on for your hair new appearance.

20 inch tape in hair extension is one of the hair in weave hair collections of Apohair. It is known as the hair with suitable hair length and affordable to everyone.

Today, let’s talk about what it is. What makes it so special to many people in the world.

What so special about 20 inch tape in hair extensions?

All the hair will be weft together in one line, which makes it look so neat and easy to apply. It nearly doesn’t have any tangle or shed. 20 inch is the great idea for anyone who wants to own an elegant and gorgeous hair.

16 inch tape in hair extensions is now available in many standards, types and textures.

It is offered with many standards such as:

  • Single drawn quality type VS1
  • Single drawn quality type VS2
  • Double drawn quality type VS1
  • Double drawn quality type VS2

This is ranked from low to higher quality. As you probably know that single drawn quality type VS1 is the simplest hair extensions with both long and short strands in the same bundle.

20 inch tape in hair extension

Double drawn quality type VS2 on the other hand is the best hair provided by Apohair. It has almost same length hair with same thickness, so beautiful and long lasting.

Alongside with hair standards, we also recommend you to choose the most suitable hair for you by hair textures and colors.

In terms of hair textures, we have three main textures.

  • Straight hair: natural straight hair, kinky straight and yaki straight
  • Wavy hair: natural wavy, body wavy and water body wavy
  • Curly hair: deep curly, romantic curly and fumi curly

When it comes to hair colors, these are what we have: black, brown, ombre, mix color, highlight ect.

Apohair provides many other kinds of tape hair extensions like:

 Tape hair straight blonde color extensions

Tape hair straight dark brown extensions

Tape hair straight light brown color extensions

Tape hair wavy black color extensions,.....

Feel free to choose.