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Wedding day is one of the most important ceremonies in one person’s life. It cannot be denied that you need to prepare plenty of things for your wedding but there is the thing you cannot miss, that is your wedding hair trial. I believe that having a bridal hair trial would give you the chance to see them do that you’re picturing come to life. Below is everything you should know before your wedding hair trial.


Get Organized

The first thing you need to pay attention to is to get organized before preparing to have a hair trial for your wedding hairstyle.

Remember to have a healthy routine hair at least three months before the big day if you don’t want to see your hair dry and brittle. Even though you might have an updo hairstyle, there are no hiding fried strands and damage can be concealed immediately.  You can ask your stylists for their help if you don’t know. Make sure that you get the first hair trial at least one month before your wedding as you will not have to sprint to the altar. For the first hair trial, you should wash your hair the night before and don’t put in any product so that your hair will be as natural as possible.

Get the fine print before you get in the chair

Your stylist will decide exactly how your hair will look on your special day so let’s choose the stylist you think he/she will meet all your demands. You can search on the Internet to know some professional stylists that are near you. I remembered that my friend went to a trial and her stylist admitted he had never pinned on a veil before. Imagine not knowing that until your wedding day.

Get the schedule smart

Timing is a necessary thing you should pay attention to. However long it takes the stylist to do your wedding hairstyle at the trial is about how long it'll take on your wedding day. If it takes about three hours for the stylist to do your wedding hairstyle, be sure to leave that much time to finish on that day. Nevertheless, you can try another stylist who moves faster. Next, you must decide whether you will go to the salon or you want to have your make-up artist come to your location. Try to decide the pros and cons of each as soon as possible.

Get your own hairstyle

Hairstyling is complicated. You should take into account mood boards with the look you like and photos of your dress to provide a jumping-off point for your stylist. You can deal with your personal stylist what you like or dislike because he/she can advise you the most suitable hair for you. Also, you can bring accessories you want in your hair to the wedding hair trial. That is a smart idea because you can know exactly how your hair will look. Don’t hesitate to take loads of photos outside in order to see your appearance in different lighting. 

Of course, it can be confusing for you when looking for inspiration. Hence, there some recommendations for you to determine like going to Instagram and finding all the beautiful wedding hashtags or heading over to Pinterest to find all the favorite looks. Although it is good to have an idea in your mind, having it visually helps your stylist make sense of your requirements apparently.

However, there are a lot of brides they do not want to spend a lot of time on hairstyling. They believe that the most beautiful hairstyle for the wedding is the one makes them most confident and comfortable. Therefore, we highly recommend that they should try on Apohair’s extensions especially clip in hair extensions for your wedding hairstyles. And of course, you can do it by yourself. Hair extension is an effective solution not only for the brides-to-be with short hair but also for the ones with thin hair. With the Apohair’s extensions, you can have the most natural hairstyle in the most memorable ceremony of your life.