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Emily Jean "Emma" Stone is an American actress. The recipient of numerous accolades, including an Oscar, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards, she was the highest-paid actress in the world in 2017 (Wikipedia). Talented as she is, we couldn’t deny her charm and beauty (You have to see her flawless bare face!!). And while her beauty hasn't vacillated a bit, her style seems to adapt and eclipse as days pass. Let's take a look at how the classic Emma Stone has transformed yet still looked effortlessly elegance even with her bare face.

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Departing Yoga class

If you are a fan of Emma Stone, you must notice Emma has been taking Yoga class lately. Obviously, wearing makeup when doing Yoga would adversely affect your skin as the sweat clogs pores and might even cause breakouts. It seems that Emma is well aware what will happen as she was spotted bare - faced when leaving her Yoga class recently.  She donned her perfect natural face, with a simple bun and her classic brunette hair. The sunglasses are perfect option if you don’t want to show up with you no-makeup puffy eyes or dark circles. Still, the actress looked pretty much as perfect as ever.

Going Shopping

Emma looks beautiful with no makeup and her casual style is actually our favorite. Here is a picture of her wandering around New York, dressing in an all-black outfit with a hood covering her blonde hair and completely without makeup. Yet, as always, she looked like a goddess.

Casual styles

If you look at Emma Stone and compare her pictures with and without makeup, you could realize the fatigue on her no-makeup face. However, the tiredness couldn’t hide her beauty as she makes smart choices covering her exhaustion. Though she is now an A-class actress, Emma always keeps things simple as she avoids makeup when doesn’t have special events to attend. It is as if she knows she still looks gorgeous even without makeup.

Going for a walk

It appears that sunglasses are Emma Stone’s best friend when it comes to her no-makeup looks. Found strolling down the New York streets, Emma looked stunning without any makeup; plus, her smile just radiated happiness. It seemed that she really enjoy the walk.

This is another picture of Emma walking down the street locking hands with her boyfriend. She looked absolutely relaxed with paparazzi around and just appreciated the walk.

In movie stills
Little did you know Emma went for a bare face look in some scenes from her movies. This nerdy look exhibits her completely natural authentic face, and she still looked very captivating I must say.

This is another still of her from a movie ‘Aloha’, take a longer look and you can mark that there is no sign of makeup on her face in this still.


Beauty in blonde

Emma Stone is certainly one of the most beautiful blondes in Hollywood. Her luminous skin and her naturally blonde hair are complimenting each other well.

Spotted coming out from her favorite hair salon, Emma has never looked this chic with her messy hair look.

This is another picture of Emma Stone rocking her no makeup look with blonde wavy hair.

In brunettes

When Emma first come to Los Angeles, she had to struggle a lot to do auditions and to get a role. Once she got a role, she had to change her hair color, that was when Emma’ s classic brunette hair came through. With her beautiful green eyes, her hair straight and blunt bangs, her smile shined brighter than ever.

With sunglasses and specs

Like we have mentioned before, Emma really loves using sunglasses for her no-makeup look, but not only sunglasses, specs are also her choice for the look. You can easily spot her anywhere on the street with her glasses on and looking like an angel. After all, she looks really attractive in glasses. Her authentic beauty vamps up every time she wears them, no wonder she loves glasses so much.

The carefree look for a carefree soul

Emma is really living a healthy life as she is a really carefree person, she is living her own life and she doesn’t care about what others say about her. Apparently, her fame couldn’t make the best of her as she stays humble and lighthearted all the time. Besides, the carefree look really does suit Emma with her uniquely beautiful and feminine face. And her freckles are just so naturally stunning.

We hope you enjoyed the post. Which of Emma Stone looks did you think is suited to her? With makeup or without makeup? Make sure to leave us your comments below.