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Just a few months ago, Emma Roberts chopped off all her hair into a short, piece-y bob and dyed it chocolate brown, but in April 25, the Scream Queen star switched up her look and debuted stunning, long blonde hair. Roberts posted a pic of her new hair to Instagram, writing “Annnd we’re back 👩🏼 Sunrise blonde & whisper waves 🍭” In the pic is a very blonde, very summery queen with waves that almost reach her waist.

Emma Roberts was all smiles when she posted a photo of her new hair color and style — what she calls "sunrise blonde and whisper waves" — on Instagram. It is a start contrast to the chocolate-brown, sleek, straight, shoulder-length look she had been wearing recently.

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Some celebrities keep their natural hair and wear wigs for film and TV roles but others continue to switch up their real strands for roles. Take Emma Roberts for example. Though she has naturally dirty blonde hair, she often goes dark brown and has stayed with the rich shade for a while. But now she's back to the light side with a new pretty blonde shade her hairstylist is calling "boho sunrise blonde."

How can she ditch her brunette bob for gorgeous new, long blonde hair in a short time? It is the result of a ton of extensions, according to hairstylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One salon in Los Angeles.

Nikki Lee, co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles, is responsible for the sunny hue. Lee says she didn't just want to just bleach Roberts' hair and do the same blonde she's been before.

"Emma needed to go light again for an upcoming project she's working on," Lee said in a statement. "We wanted to add our own twist to it and create a color she's never been before. Instead of doing the typical bright blonde we went for a 'boho sunrise tone.' Something that felt a bit more undone and effortless."

Of course, flip flopping color from dark to light merits an important conversation about damage control. Lee assures that she took all the necessary precautions with Emma to ward against blonde breakage. "With the help of Joico Blonde Life lightener and my go-to Olaplex, I was able to keep her hair in great condition," she explains. She also added In Common Beauty Magic Myst Universal Elixir, a leave-in conditioner from the salon's own line, for added softness.

With the help of co-founder Riawna Capri, Lee added Great Lengths extensions to take Roberts' hair from shoulder length to past her chest. Capri also cut Roberts' hair, giving her a "long, shattered, textured cut" and styled it with boho "whispering waves." Lee calls this "summer's go-to texture."

Like her aunt, Julia Roberts, Emma loves to switch up her hair color, and she has made every shade— from burnished auburn to dark brunette — look great. But this new, fun, boho look, styled with waist-length extensions, might be our favorite style to date. It makes her sun-kissed skin glow, emphasizes her feathered brows, and this shot is seriously convincing us to find a similar white eyelet blouse as soon as possible. Plus, we couldn’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance to her aunt with her new blonde hair.

Not only did her hair look absolutely gorgeous, she rocked the cutest outfit for her busy day. The actress threw on a pair of high-waisted, fitted cropped boyfriend jeans, paired with a sheer white cropped eyelet blouse with embroidered sleeves, and poofy high shoulders. Emma topped her casual, but chic look off with a pair of white patent leather ankle booties with thick black shoelaces across the front.

We are not sure what project Roberts is working on but we are seriously hoping it is another Ryan Murphy show. Her roles in "American Horror Story" are incredible.

Throughout the past two years, Emma has switched up her hair from bright red, to light brown, to short and long, and now a gorgeous long blonde and we can’t decide which hair makeover of hers was our favorite, they’re all just too good!

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