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If you’re a fan of online games, you must have heard of Twitch – one of the most well-known Livestream services in the world – run by Amazon. It might not make any sense wasting your time watching people playing games or so, but once you discover it, you will be completely captivated by this type of entertainment. The fact is that there are a lot of female streamers on this website is a reason why Twitch is so popular. Emiru – born in 1998 in Kansas – is one of them. Joining Twitch since 2012, the streamer now has over 150K fans all over the world. What makes her so famous is her ways of playing games, her sexiness and of course, her beauty. Yet, do you know that Emiru without makeup looks even more gorgeous? 

It has been known since her joining the game-streamer community that Emiru without makeup is a total angle. Watching Emiru’s first videos, we can easily capture moments of the girl showing off her natural bare face. With her dark thick hair and fair skin, Emiru looks like an innocent schoolgirl. Besides, do you know that women with long hair attracted men more than those with shorter hair? Maybe that is one factor that makes the streamer’s reputation skyrocket.  

Being comfy makes a woman feels beautiful and that’s the fact. If you followed the girl, you could immediately tell if she is comfortable with her look or not. As we have been stalking the beautiful Emiru since day one, we are 100% sure that she feels herself just wearing a simple tank top with hair naturally down. Without the help of makeup such as eyeliners or blushers, baby girl looks glowing with her perfect complexion skin and statue-like features.

It is no secret that women are attractive when they have a healthy body. Along with being healthy is thick hair and smooth skin, all of which Emiru possesses. And it is understandable that the girl can completely satisfied with her skin right now as she casually shows up with her 'Emiru no-makeup' looks. Of course, there are times when Emiru put on tons of makeup for her cosplay videos. However, once she doesn’t have any events, she spends most of her time relaxing and reducing the amount of cosmetic use. We hardly see the girl puts on heavy makeup while streaming her League of Legends game.

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Most girls find it hard to go out and meet people with their fresh faces. This is not what happens to Emiru. To what we are seeing, the streamer is completely confident and proud of her natural face. Having the advantage of being an Asian, her aging process is slower than those from Europe or America. Plus, the fact that not wearing makeup makes her a lot younger than her actual age. No lipstick, no foundation, no brusher, Emiru with no makeup will still able to capture our hearts with her alluring face and her perfect physique.

Every year there are thousands of new products in the world of makeup introduced; it is impossible for us to keep all that up. Besides, makeup is too general now, so why don’t we give it up and give your fresh face look a chance. Just like the beautiful Emiru without makeup, we’re sure you can also sport your no-makeup face perfectly. Don’t be afraid to show yourself. As long as you have a healthy lifestyle – get yourself an appropriate skincare routine, choose the right hairstyle and define your own style – you will be the queen yourself.

Can you believe how beautiful is Emiru without makeup? Have you felt the urge to pick up the cleanser and remove your makeup yet? Well, we have! If you’re interested in posts like this, make sure to click on the link to find out what we have. Should you have any questions, feel free to share with us under the comments section. We’re always available to talk about hair care and answer your queries about hair. We hope you’re having a wonderful day and we hope you’re inspired after this post. Don’t forget to share your ideas with us on who should be the next celebrities in our no-makeup series.