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Hair care is an indispensable habit for modern girls. Especially in the summer, UV ray causes direct damage to the hair. As a result, just applying routine is not enough. Therefore, to protect your scalp and hair effectively, you need to find out some specific hair care tips. What are they?

Moisturizing your hair

In summer, the sun tends to dry hair. For that reason, it is important for you to restore hair moisture and hair life. Here, what you need the most is hair moisturizer or conditioner. However, remember to choose the one which suits your hairstyle

Shampoo in the right way

Daily shampooing can do more harm than you think. Too much shampoo tends to dry the scalp and therefore it brings more damages to your hair. You need to choose a lighter shampoo suitable for summer, especially if the hair tends to sweat more or become greasy more. Especially, you should only apply shampoo to your hair, not your scalp because shampoo can dry them.

Things to note before swimming

If you go swimming, be sure to never wash your hair first, because the hair will lose its protective oil and will be more susceptible to chemicals and salts in the pool water. After swimming, you need to take a quick shower and use shampoo containing ethylene tetra-acetic acid to eliminate the harmful effects of chemicals in the pool.

Avoid high temperature

Avoid heating the hair because the summer sun has "put" too much heat into the hair. Use natural air or a fan to blow dry hair instead of using a hairdryer. Avoid using curlers or styling brushes at least until the end of the summer.

Take care of your colored hair more carefully

If your hair is dyed, you need extra care in the summer. Chemical treatments can damage hair and this is especially true in the summer. Use color hair care products if you find excessive dry hair or your hair color fades.

Drink a lot of water

In the hot summer, one of the most essential hair care tips is that you need to remember to drink plenty of water and include lots of fluids in your diet, to keep your scalp healthy. Cooling liquids will be very helpful in keeping your hair hydrated and healthy. A lot of fresh vegetables in the diet will also help hair extremely.

Above are some hair care tips for summer that we would like to recommend to you. Hope that you can get the healthiest hairstyle that makes you more confident in any situation.