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Modern life is growing rapidly. This makes us more concerned about our beauty and our health. The trend of young people choosing red hair dyeing styles is because it's outstanding. It can be said that the hair color that is still causing community fever is the dyed red hairstyle. Because red hair color will make a special impression and appeal to everyone. Besides, a suitable color for your hair will help you create harmony and youthfulness to your skin, face.

You are interested and desire to dye red hair for fair skin. However, you do not know which hairstyle is the best. So, read the article below and we will reveal you 8 most beautiful red hair colors today. Usually hairdresser mix red hair with purple to reduce the glare, this is considered the best-fit hair color for fair skin.

  1. Gentle purple-red hair

Purple-red tones are tones that help you become prominent, radiant and extremely modern. With the variation of deep red, you still retain the typical beauty of purple hair but the color is a bit deeper so it is suitable for girls who don’t like bright colors either.

  1. Light purple-red hair

If you want to dye your hair a reddish-purple color but don't want to stand out, choosing a light purple-red haircut will help you get your favorite. Surely, choosing this hair color will help you really charming, gentle in everyone's eyes.


  1. The hair dyed purple-red charcoal

The charcoal red hair sample is the darkest in the purple red line. Although it is a good suggestion, the drawback of this hair model is the skin cocoon. Perhaps red hair dye is suitable for fair skin. Those who own a dull skin should not dye this hair color.

  1. Dye the original red

The original dyed red hair is no less than other reds in terms of attractiveness. If you are a keen adventurer, try dyeing the original red.

The original red-dyed hair is a hairstyle that brings a very new beauty, not too picky skin but if you choose this hair color, you should choose gentle, youthful makeup tones However, dye red hair for fair skin will be the best and avoid dyeing this in the summer because it looks so hot.

  1. Hair dyed brown purple red

This is an unfamiliar variation of the model dyed red-purple. With this hair model, light brown tones will blend with the reddish-purple color, creating a strange appeal for your hair, giving you a modern, radiant, fresh look. The freshness that it brings has made it one of the most beautiful purple-red hair models 2019 girls should try.

  1. Purple-red hair mixed with peach color

The reddish-purple hair mix peach color gives you an immediate attraction from the opposite side because of its impressive appearance. Just like dye red for fair skin, purple mix with peach will favor lighter-skinned girls. However, the color mix of this hair model will make it difficult for you to care for your hair. Without proper care, your hair can easily become dry, frizzy.


  1. Purple-red ombre hairstyle

If you want to choose a special hairstyle dye that stands out and doesn't worry about fading from time to time, the reddish-purple hybrid hairstyle is the perfect choice for everyone. Whether your skin is black, white, yellow ... all fit and create a beautiful face. Especially choosing this red ombre hairstyle makes the most attractive.


  1. Purple-red hairstyles highlight

If you still want to keep the traditional style of black hair and want to make it special, then the purple-red highlight is the right fit for you. It will definitely help you to be stylish and special in everyone's heart. What are you waiting for? Why don’t you try making your own mark for yourself?


The above article has helped you discover with 8 ways to dye red hair for fair skin, bringing the most luxurious and attractive. Each of these diverse dye styles will give you lots of choices. Certainly with each red color variation will help you create a special impression and enhance your beauty. Each color creates personality, style and beauty. Before you choose any color, you should consider carefully to make an impression.

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