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Everyone wants to have at least one experience of short hair. Short hair gives you a more dynamic and lovely appearance. It is exactly what many women are looking for. However, in the decision of cutting hair, lots or people are wondering: “Does short hair make me look fat?” If this is a big problem which prevents you from having a new short hairstyle, please read our blog and you will find your own answer.

Actually, there is no specific answer for this question. The answer is that: It depends on many other factors. In those factors, your face shape may be the most important thing that decide the suitability of your short hairstyle.

Generally, there are six basic face shapes, including: oval, round, long, diamond, heart and square face. Depending on your own face shape, you can choose yourself a suitable short hair which leads you to the most beautiful look. If you like to have some options, we would really like to provide here some suggestions of Suitable short hairdos with different face shapes.

Oval face

It will be a big benefits when you are having an oval face. This face shape seems to be perfect for all the haircuts as long as it matches your characters. In this situation, it is not a problem to answer the question whether a short hair makes you look fatter or thinner. Anyway, you become gorgeous with an oval face covering in short hairstyle.

Long face

For long hair, it is a little bit more difficult. Here, you need add more width to the length of your face. As a result, having a great hairstyle will help to deal all. We highly recommend that a long bob is the best choice. It is also flattering on your face, and you can also put a bang so it can hide a part of your face length.

Round face

With round face, of course when having a short hair, what you need to do first is to make the face less round. Therefore, ideal length for your short hair should be an inch or two below your chin. Long bob that falls right below the chin with gentle layers and wispy, tapered ends can also be a noticeable option. This short hairstyle can help to reduce your face’s bulk and weight in two sides, make it look slimmer.

So what about other face shapes? If you own a heart face, then we advise you should once try on pixie haircuts. People with square or diamond faces should wear super short, edgy or long bob short hair. Those hairs will be so attractive and wonderful.

Up to now, it is no longer important whether a short hair makes you look fatter or not. The most important answer is that you should find the short hair which is suitable with your face shape. It is success.