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Simply, you would like to have a new hairstyle without going to a hair salon. There is no doubt to say that in this situation, hair extension is the most convenient way. However, there is a problem which is gradually becoming a great concern among lots of women. They always wonder whether hair extensions damage their hair or not. Be with us in this blog post and you will definitely find out the answer.

What do you know about hair extensions?

Generally, you can understand hair extension as one of the most basic methods of extending your hair.

Nowadays, along with the development of our society, there is a wide range of hair extensions for you to choose. Weft hair (sew-in hair), bulk hair, clip in hair, tape hair and tip hair are popular hair extensions that attract much of customer’s attention these days. Besides, there are many other complicated hairstyles for a new look such as lace closure, lace frontal and lace wigs hairstyle.

Who can use hair extensions?

Hair extensions deal with almost all the problems which relate to your hair length or thickness. In other words, by applying hair extensions, you will certainly get a new, longer and fuller hairstyle. This explains why hair extensions are the best partners of many girls who own thin or short hair.

People who suffer much from hair loss also choose hair extensions as their best companion. Going out, they are more confident when there is no need to be shy when their hair is no longer short and thin. Is this wonderful?

Especially, hair extension is listed as one of the best friends of many celebrities. Famous people always want to create themselves a really new look for different times they appear on the red carpet. And they choose hair extensions as the most beautiful and quickest way for a new hairstyle.

Hair extensions make your hair broken, damaged?

In fact, there are two types of changing your hair’s appearance. The first way is to look for some permanent methods which help you get new hair in a long period of time. And the second one is to apply very temporary ways called hair extensions.

Making a comparison between two types, we can easily realize that hair extension is applied in a short period of time. Women just use this hair when they are really in need, especially when they want to make their hair longer and thicker. Hair extensions, of course, do not pull out your hair because you take them out at night.

On the contrary, other permanent methods of extending hair can cause some damages such as hair breakage. Temporary hair extensions like clip in, tape in or weft hair are used on a selective basis and let your hair rest when the extensions are not being worn.

Does the usage of hair extensions affect your hair?

Is there any connection between the usage of hair extensions and their impacts on your own hair? Absolutely! Sometimes, the way you apply hair extensions on your head is the key factor that decides its effect on your hair. For example,

When a clip in hair is made in the best quality, it can still cause some damage. Why? To explain this question, you should pay attention to the way you have attached the clip in extensions to your own hair. When the clip in is attached to tightly and strongly, it can hurt your hair as well as your scalp. This can lead to the worst effect on your hair – hair loss.

For weft hair (sew-in hair extensions), if you want to make sure that there is no damage to your hair, you should keep your scalp clean and moisturized at first. Especially, you need to get someone who knows how to cut the thread, not to cut your real hair when you remove weft hair extensions out of your real hair.

Our advice is that you should find yourself the most professional healthcare so that you can find the most suitable hair extension for yourself.

Where can you find the best vietnamese hair extensions?

If the fact that hair extensions can cause damages to your hair ranks first in women’ attention, then it is important for you to find a prestigious hair supplier. Apohair is so proud to be one of the biggest companies in Vietnam in terms of exporting hair to the global market. We ensure that all hair products made in Apohair are 100% human remy hair, no tangle, no shedding, no insects, no chemical and no synthetic hair.

For those characteristics, we believe that our hair extensions will cause no damages to your hair. However, you should be careful in the application of these hair extensions. Sometimes, due to the wrong way of using, your own hair can easily be damaged.

Almost all of hair extensions in Apohair’s stock cause no damage to your hair. However, it is necessary for you to try on a careful application of hair extensions. For example, with clip in hair, do not make it too tight because your scalp can be hurt. Tape in hair can be used in 6 weeks. After that, you need to get it out and then wash it for other times using it. This helps ensure that you are having a hair extension in the best quality.

We can come to the conclusion that hair extensions do not cause any damages to your hair. However, it is important that you should know the right way to apply a hair extension because damages mainly come from the application.

Do not hesitate to come with us, Apohair to find out the best hair extensions which not only brings you the most satisfying appearance but also causes no damages to your own hair.