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Pretty and lovely dolls would certainly be the best gifts for our little girls in some of their special days such as a birthday or International Children’s Day. For a long time, Journey Girls have become the best friends of many children around the world. The beauty of Journey Girls dolls always draws much of our attention and sometimes it is difficult to explain why. Keep moving on and here, you are discovering the mystery in these impressive dolls.

Journey Girls – the best choice of fashion dolls for children

Journey Girls is known as an American line of 18 inches fashions dolls that are now produced and sold by Journey Girls. Basically, there are six main Journey Girls in this line. They are Chavonne, Kelsey, Meredith, Callie, Kyla and Dana. As a part of the Paris collection, the seventh Journey Girl, named Jordanna, was released. Next, another new Journey Girl named Mikaella was added. This is the doll for the Italy line. Long time later, the Journey Girl Llee, with the style of New York holiday doll, was added to the main group with the Australia line. Here, many different Journey Girls come in the Journey Girls’ collection.

Each doll has its own personalities and styles, which brings customers different options. However, they still share some similar interests with her friends. Their names somehow have told us about the interest they have in common. All the dolls in Journey Girls really love to travel and explore new things. Also, they have a burning desire to seek out new friends and super exciting adventures.

Meredith Doll of Journey Girls

The wonderful thing we love in Journey Girls is that anytime they take a new journey, they share with us their experience. This brings us new and interesting things, allowing us to be more curious about many things around our daily life.

Which ages do Journey Girls aim at?

 Mikaella of Journey Girls

Little girls consider Journey Girls to be their close friends or their younger sisters. They love those Journey Girls much and they can even spend hours playing with those dolls. In terms of target customers, Journey Girls aim at girls at ages 6-12. These beautiful Journey Girls are sold in different places but the typical one is Toys R Us.

What creates the best Journey Girls dolls?

Llee of Journey Girls

Journey Girls have many options for you to choose from. All you need to do here is just determine and pick up the one you love.

Many little girls were attracted by Journey Girls at first sight as their faces are really beautiful and attractive. What makes us impress most maybe the Journey Girl’s eyes. Their eyes are so pretty and in their eyes and although they do not open and shut like other types of dolls, we are still comfortable to select.

Many parents love choosing Journey Girls for their children as they are much easier to take care of. The fact is that although the Journey Girl has been the child’s friend for three years, her mother can still be able to get its hair back looking great. Also, the dolls are considered to be skinnier than Our Generation or American Girls.

A large number of customers confirmed that they really love the outfits for the Journey Girls because of the fact that they are made in good quality as well as modern style. They can easily use some of the American Girls on them.

How much do Journey Girls cost?

The average price for each Journey Girl is about $32. You now realize that this may be a little bit more expensive than that of the Our Generation Girl. However, each type of doll has its unique quality and beauty. As a result, although the price is $10 more than the Our Generation brand, we highly recommend that you should choose Journey Girls as your girl’s first 18 inches doll. There is no doubt that the dolls are great, in terms of both quality and price. Besides, some accessories of the Journey Girls are really beautiful and lovely. You can also consider getting some of those accessories to make the dolls more and more attractive.

Journey Girls are the perfect presents for your beloved children. All the dolls are so cute and pretty and this promises to bring your children happiness as well as excitement. With Journey Girls, your child is going to learn and experience new interesting things with their close friends. Apostore is to provide you all the information we’ve collected and we hope that it is useful.