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Apostore's keratin collection consists of four main types which are flat tip hair, I tip hair, U tip hair and V tip hair. The differences among these tip hair extensions lie in the shape in the tip of the hair. The main content of our article today is about the most outstanding features of flat tip blonde hair extensions. 

flat tip hair extensions

Flat-Tip is known as the intersection of I-Tip and Tape-In. Flat-tip hair extension bears the aglet-like tip of an I-Tip strand with the hair extension spread of a Tape-In weft. This element is critical because strands and wefts have totally different feels to them. So the fact that Flat-Tip is both a strand and a weft means that it has the advantages of both types - namely, the chemical-free installation and 360-degree movement of a strand, plus the flat comfort and greater hair distribution of the weft hair.

What are the benefits of flat tip hair extensions?

They feel comfortable

Flat-Tip Hair Extensions are supremely comfortable, even to the point where users forget that they were wearing hair extensions at all. The reason is that Flat-Tip Extensions move easily within the hair and rest flat against the head, making for 24/7 comfort and a natural feel.

They are adaptable

flat tip hair

The dual nature of Flat-Tip means that these extensions function as both strands and wefts, and are able to adapt seamlessly to any situation. When you’re moving, the hair behaves like a strand, it moves fluidly and beautifully with you. When you’re sitting still or lying down, the hair behaves like a weft, laying totally flat and smooth.

How long do they last?

Depending on how quickly your hair grows, bonded hair extensions usually last around anywhere from 3-6 months. As your hair grows the bead will start to come down. You will then need to go back to the salon to have them removed and moved up. These extensions can be reused up to three times according to the company. Extensions are high maintenance. So remember that before you get started.

flat tip blonde hair extensions

Flat-tip Blonde Hair Extensions by Apostore

Hair quality

At APOStore, we sell 100% Vietnamese Remy Human Hair flat-tip blonde hair extensions in packages – 100 grams each. Besides tip and flat-tip, our hair extensions are available for you to choose in: Weft, bulk, tape hair, clip in hair, i-tip, u-tip, v-tip… In addition, there are now 12 main textures of the flat-tip blonde hair extensions at APOStore: Straight, Kinky Straight, Yaki Straight, Natural Wavy, Body Wavy, Deep Wavy, Water Body Wavy, Deep Curly, Fumi Curly, Kinky Curly, Loose Curly, and Romantic Curly – which are classified into 3 categories: straight, wavy, and curly.

Apostore's flat tip hair

Besides blonde, it is also a wide array of different colors ranging from warm to ash tone to meet the customer’s demand. Coming to APOStore’s Flat-tip blonde hair extensions and any other products, we can guarantee that our hair:

  • No tangles, no shedding, no split ends
  • Soft, smooth and beautiful
  • Adds subtle length for daily hairstyles.
  • Double drawn for thick and healthy tips

keratin hair extensions

Hair standards

There’re several hair standards required in APOStore that can give you complete satisfaction when choosing our hair extensions.

Single drawn: You can actually find a single drawn set of hair extensions as they’re usually sold at a rather low price. However, a piece of single drawn extensions can contain different length hair as they are not as carefully done as the other two. In Apostore, we have single drawn type 1 and single drawn type 2. Single type 2 possesses a thicker end of a bundle in comparison with single type 1.

Double drawn type 1: This one is of our company priority as compared to the previous choice, single drawn extensions are not only thicker but also fair in terms of length distribution.

Super double drawn (Double-drawn type 2): Nearly 100% of the strands in super double drawn extensions are at the same length, which contributes to the ultimate boost of volume to your original lock. The fact that the super double drawn hair’s quality, as compared to the other types, is superior, this type of hair extensions can be costly depending on how long the hair you want to buy is.

APOStore is now having 4 main standards for hair: Single Drawn Type 1&2, and Double Drawn Type 1&2, which have quite the same features as the 3 standards above. APOStore’s U tip human hair extensions come in the same standards as mentioned above. How do you think about the hair extensions mentioned above? Feel free to tell us by dropping your thought in the comment section below. If you are interested in the article, support us, follow our website for more beauty tips, news, how-to guides and more detail about all of our hair extensions. Also, there are thousands of types of hair products that are waiting for you to order. Tell us if you love our items and we will try our best to help you. Thanks for your attention.