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As you may know, APOHAIR is considered as one of the most famous hair suppliers from Vietnam. Basing on our long experience in hair supplying, we have won customers’ trust very soon from our foundation. To get this good reputation today, we always try to improve and develop our system which includes one thing really important and it is customers service.

From the very first day working as professional hair supplier, we have already realize the importance of customers services because it is the best way to make customers trust us and support us. So we always try to provide customers with the most excellent service.

Firstly, we divide into small group to support customers. Each team is in charge of a specific task in supporting customers. Moreover, working as a team helps us maintain the good work even when things get busy.

Secondly, we always train our staff to listen to customers. It is really a honor for us to receive any comments from customers and we even encourage customers to give us feedback. It is the best way to find whether we do well or not and what we need to improve.

Thirdly, we always follow the friendly offer. It means we consider customers as our friends and we share what is good or bad for them honestly. Moreover, we are not afraid to add personality service. Customers can contact us any time suitable.

Fourth, another slogan is putting ourselves in the customers’ shoes no matter how the bad situations are. The purpose of it is to get deep to know what customers really need. And we always believe that customer will soon realize our empathy and more appreciate it.

Finally, our staff usually has to get test about the knowledge of our products. We know it will help them serving customers more easily and more professionally. We also hold trainings and the meeting to share experience every week.

We believe that what we have already created will please our beloved customers.