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We deeply understand that sometimes it is really difficult to determine your curl type. Even, several different textures can exist on one head alone and all of them have to somehow look cohesive when you rock a style. The motivation for us to write this article is nothing but to help you easily know which hair textures are you having. In our explanation, we will not forget to talk to you about the most effective support from curly hair length chart – the best way to figure our curl type.

What determines the curl type?

According to a professional hairstylist Vernon, the shape of the follicle that your hair grows out of from your scalp is the key factor that determines your curl type. The flatter or more oval-shaped the follicle, the curlier your hair. In another situation, the more circular the cross-section, the straighter your hair. One more factor that has an influence on your curl pattern is the shape that the strands of hair make, whether they kink, curve or wind around themselves into spirals.

Many girls often own more than one type of pattern on their heads. That explains why you may have a combination of kinky, wavy or curly hair. Hairstylists suppose that your curl shape and pattern are best identified while the hair is sopping wet.

Does hair texture influence hair length?

You may not think about this too much but actually, hair texture can change the hair length dramatically. If you realize that your hair is neither too thick nor too thin, maybe hair length is not a really big problem. However, if you are having curly hair, things will be more different.

In case your hair is curly and you are looking for some curly hair extensions to order, it is really important to understand the hair texture. Here, we have some recommendations for you if you have curly hair.

Firstly, if your natural hair looks quite fine and thin, we suggest that you should not grow it too long as it will eventually fall flat. That means you have to spend a lot of money to make it look perfect every day.

Here, you will wonder “what is the best hair length for fine and thin hair?” The answer is up to the chin or even shorter. If you would like to enhance the body, you should find and add some layers. However, please note that sometimes layers can do more harm than good.

In contrast, if you are having thick and curly hair, you had better go for the length. Keep in mind that the longer your curly hair is, the better you will look. Remember here to avoid a style that widens your bottom and lean on the crown.

What are the benefits of the curly hair length chart?

Apostore encourages you to use the curly hair length chart as we believe that with the support of this chart, you can understand more the difference between hair texture and hair length if you want to place an order.

Curly hair length chart 

Through the curly hair length chart, you can easily realize that curly hair tends to look shorter with the same length in comparison with straight or wavy hair. Having worked in this field for more than ten years, we are the suppliers and we hope that our customers can understand this. It is important for customers to know this as sometimes, customers do not understand the hair length chart and often complain that their order is wrong.

Straight hair

Using a curly hair length chart is an effective way for you to save your shopping time. Especially, when you would like to buy some hair extensions, a curly hair extension length chart is the best support. Below are some outstanding benefits of a curly hair length chart which may be useful for you.

  • A curly hair length chart enables you to deeply comprehend the distinctness between different hair texture and length
  • It helps you make the best decision for the order on curly hair extensions
  • It can save time on communication and explanation while purchasing goods.

Wavy hair

How to use curly hair length chart?

If you just want to get the accurate information on how your curly hair extensions should look like, then a curly hair length chart is all you need. If your choice is 14-inches curly hair extension, you will only get should-length hair. 22 inches curly hair extensions will only be as long as 20 inches straight hair extensions. Some tips for you to use the curly hair length chart more effectively are:

  • Always keep in mind that hair texture and the starting point of the weft could make hair length to vary.
  • Often, straight hair is regarded as the reference point to other hair texture. Wavy hair is usually 1.5 inches shorter than straight hair. Curly hair can sometimes be 3 inches shorter than straight hair.

Curly hair

If you cannot determine which length suits you the most, choose long curly extensions and then trim it shorter if necessary.

Apostore has provided curly hair length chart for each hair product of our collection. If there is something too difficult to understand, tell us. We are here to receive and answer all of your comments and questions.