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There are many types of hair extensions that women can apply for a new hairstyle. And of course, we cannot forget a very popular hair texture – curly hair. Today, please follow us and then, you will know more about a very outstanding hairstyle of Apohair – curly hair extensions.

What is curly hair extensions?

You can understand curly hair extensions as the hairstyle which is in curly texture. These days, it is the texture that lots of people choose for a new hair change. Curly hair made you look more attractive. This is someway turning you into a more romantic hairstyle.

Here, curly hair extensions of Apohair is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair. We collect hair from women who own long, black and strong hair. For that reason, curly hair products of our company is always in the best state. These hair extensions are strong and natural. Many people say that they love Apohair because the hair we provide them is so natural. Even, other people cannot realize that they are using hair extensions.

In addition to that, there are many hair colors for you to choose. It can be dark brown, light brown, blonde or black hair. When each color is combined with curly hair, it brings a very new hairstyle for users. You will never have to worry whether there are enough choices for your favorite hair colors.

We are so proud that through many years of development, we have provided you with lots of hairstyles in different types and textures. For curly hair extensions, we have some specific types such as: clip in curly hair extensions, weft curly hair extensions, tape curly hair extensions, and bulk curly hair extensions.

In terms of curly textures, we have fumi curly, deep curly and romantic curly hair for customers. Depending on your own preference, you will find out the texture which is the most suitable to your hairstyle.

For this curly hair, lengths for you are from 6 inches to 32 inches. You can choose any among short hair, medium hair or long hair.

How to take care of curly hair extensions

It is important to take care of curly hair extensions. When you have the best curly hair extensions, you can use it for many times. Therefore, you can save much money for other demands.

The simplest thing for you to care for your curly hair extensions is choosing the right shampoo. When having the suitable shampoo and conditioner, you can protect the hair from being damaged by lots of other external factors.

Try to let the hair extensions be dry in a natural way because a hairdryer is not so good. You should only use this device when you are in a hurry.

All above is Apohair’s best curly hair extensions. Come with us and experience, we always promise to provide you with the best hair extensions. Apohair hope that you can have the best hairstyle for a very new appearance in your daily life.