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I have to confess – I only know how to three-strand braid. As much as I hate to talk about this, I have to say that I’ve not even had a French braid before! No wonder I suck at braiding. Now that I’m working for a hair-specialize company, I have the chance to come across many, thousands actually, unexpectedly simple yet super effective ways to braids your hair. So I thought that why not share these cool braided hairstyles for girls to all of our APO Hair’s beloved customers. Make sure to scroll through to get the coolest braids that would leave you in awe.

#1 French Braid

Again, the hairstyle of my dream since childhood! For so long I’ve had the assumption that the French braids are too hard for a clumsy girl like me to achieve. However, as soon as I learned about it, I realized that the French braid is one of the simplest yet the most versatile braided hairstyles for us girls. And here are how you do it:

  • To start off, you want to brush your hair back using a boar bristle paddle brush so that your hair will be detangled without getting damaged.
  • Use a comb or your own fingers to part your hair off from the crown of your head and separate it from the rest of your lock.
  • Take three pieces of your hair from the parted section and braid them. When doing that, you want to incorporate the hair from the 2 sides of your head each time you cross your hair over.   

#2 Crown Braid

A feminine and elegant hairstyle have always been of the girls’ preference. And when I’m saying this, I’m talking about the princess-like crown braids. Just imagine how gorgeous you could be showing off at a ritzy event with this polish updo hairstyle. Having said that, I’m quite sure that you would be speechless to figure out how easy it is to style the hair.

  • You want to start off just like how you do for the others – use a brush to smoothen your hair before going into braiding.
  • Part your hair into 2 sections right in the middle.
  • You want to braid the 2 sections as normal then secure the ends with hair ties or bobby pins.
  • The most important step in styling the crown braid is to flip the 2 plaits up over the top of your head and secure them with another hairpin.

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To make it softer and more natural, leave a few strands to fall around your face line as flyaways.

#3 Waterfall Braid

Sophisticated as it looks, the waterfall braided hairstyle is way easier than we thought. It requires little skills to style.

  • First off, you want to center part your hair so that the style can appear more even.
  • French braid from one side of the part to your temple. After that, you want to continue braiding but drop the outermost part where you usually cross over and let it fall to get the waterfall effects.
  • Continue braiding by picking up a new piece of hair in the previous strand’s place.
  • Repeat the same steps until you reach the back of your head, pin the end of the braid aside there. Combine the ends of the two plaits with a transparent elastic and wrap a small strand of your hair around it to hide the tie.

#4 Fishtail Braid

Here comes my all-time favorite braided style. When it comes to an easy-breezy cool braided hairstyle for girls, it’s impossible to not mention the fishtail braids. It is unique; it’s lovey-dovey, and it takes only seconds to achieve.

  • First, you’ll section your hair into pigtails and divide each into 2, as you won’t have to braid but twist your hair.
  • Hold the two segments in one hand; the other grab a small piece of hair from the edge of one section.
  • Pull the tress over to the other half and take another piece from the outside of that section and braid the other way 'till reaching the ends.
  • Secure the braid with an elastic or a hairpin as you want and finish with hairspray to keep the lock in place.

#5 Half-up Twist

Another super simple yet cool braided hairstyles for girls is this half-up twist. Just as its name, you won’t have to deal with the three-strand braid as normal but only involves 2 sections of hair.

  • Grab 2 small pieces of hair near one side of your part and twist the front piece to the one behind.
  • Add a new piece to the front and one to the back piece then twist the sections just as you did the previous step.
  • Keep twisting this way but constantly add new sections to the 2 pieces as you twist.
  • Stop adding new tress once you reach the very back of your head and pull the other twist through the opening of this one.
  • You want to finish off the look by using hairpins to secure the hair and use hairspray to get rid of the flyaways.

Above are 5 of my top picks for the cool braided hairstyles for girls. You may rest assured that whether you’re looking for a gorgeous braid for the night party, or you just simply looking to get out of the deadlock of the monotonous braids you have day after day, these unique hairstyles will be of great help for you. So, make sure to give these hairdos a try and share your experience in the comment section below. We hope to be able to stumble across your stories as soon as possible. If you’re interested in this article, visit our APO Hair’s website for more posts like this.